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Wudang Classes Continue Outdoor

Dedicated students continue training in the cold and snow

Our Wudang classes have continued during the latest lockdown.

We have been holding safe, socially distanced outdoor classes at Christie Pits as a fairly central location for our students. We wear masks and social distance, which allows us to have nice in-person classes together.We have had some great days where we’ve been able to practice our Wudang Qigong, Taiji and Kung Fu under the trees and among the fallen leaves in the park.

When the weather is wet, we’ve been able to take advantage of an outdoor picnic shelter that keeps the rain and snow off us, but still allows us to train outdoors.

With our masks and lots of layers, we’ve been quite comfortable. It’s reminiscent of training in Wudang, which happens all year long outdoors throughout the winter in the temples and schools on the mountain.

This past week, we enjoyed the snowfall on the ground (as in the included picture).

We were also approached by a CBC TV crew to talk to us about our outdoor training and our desire to keep moving and fit by making the best of our outdoor environment.

It’s important to keep training for our mental and physical health during these difficult times. Jiayou! 加油!