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Wing Chun Balance Part 3

admin | 06 January 2017 | STQI Toronto, Wing-Chun | | 0 Comments   

In Guangzhou Wing Chun, we put equal emphasis on Pre-contact, and Post-contact training.

The Pre-contact phase generally refers to the moment in time where both parties still have some distance between them, and each is about to move in to strike. And in GZWC, we learn to practice both offensive/defensive strategies and techniques. By that I mean we train to be the one who makes the first strike at his opponent; on the other hand, we also train to take the defensive approach, the one using neutralizing techniques to deal with the incoming attacks and deliver counter strikes.

So when the opponent strikes and we intercept; or once we make the first strike and encounter a blocking technique – this precise moment in time puts us in the Post-contact phase. That’s where Sticky hands(chi sao), Rolling hands(luk sao), Circle hands(huen sao) come into play.

The goal of these 3 invaluable training tools is to develop sensitivity and awareness in the entire arm(from shoulder to fingertip) to the rest of the body, absorbing and redirecting incoming force/energy, quick body-position adjustment and footwork. These training techniques and theories can be practiced well into our seniors years, enhancing our reflex, as well as our mental/physical sharpness.

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