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Why You’ll Want Your Kids in Our March Break Camp!

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Youths practicing the Shaolin Virtue of Focus

Our March Break Camp is designed to be fun, challenging, and progressive for everyone.

It’s our chance to teach the Shaolin Virtues and help youths learn a system of ‘Active Philosophy’ that cannot be learned anywhere else. We and many parents believe that this Active Philosophy will help children make better decisions in life.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of how and why our Active Philosophy works, please read on!

It begins with the Shaolin Virtue of Focus. We teach the youths to channel their mental energy on one thing at a time. We do this through quiet sitting meditation. 

Youths being respectful of their teacher

When their minds are focused they are able to remember the rules, thereby enabling smoother classes and reinforcing their understanding of the Shaolin Virtue of Respect.

Youths striving to learn difficult techniques

By following the rules the kids can then focus on following the instructions of the teachers and improving their skills. This is the Shaolin Virtue of Strive!

Youths persevering through tough training drills

When the students see the benefits of striving in their training, they are able to strengthen their resolve and demonstrate the Shaolin Virtue of Perseverance. This helps them to do seemingly impossible things like 100 push ups and 100 sit ups a day during our camps!

Youths leading by example

And it through all this learning that youths begin to understand the need for the Shaolin Virtues and Active Framework.  When everyone follows it, there is a synergy and kinship that develops. Youths are not embarrassed when they find things hard to do. Instead they stand up to the challenge and strive through it. When they understand, they naturally become leaders and enforce the Shaolin Virtue of Leadership by solving problems together.

Youths getting along and helping each other with compassion

And the improvements in self discipline, character, and personality are clearly seen by not only their peers but also their parents and teachers. These super youths who are armed with the Active Philosophy of the Shaolin Virtues Framework are then grateful to pass on their knowledge and experience to help others. This promotes the Shaolin Virtue of Compassion and thus completes the cycle of continued progression.

If you’d like to sign up for the March Break Camp please use the link below. This event normally fills up quickly and late sign ups will be putting on a waiting list as sometimes there are last minute cancellations. 

We hope that you will be able to join us!

[Please click here to go to our online form for registration]