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Why Shaolin Kung Fu for Kids is Effective

admin | 03 April 2012 | STQI Toronto | | 0 Comments   

The secret behind the power of Shaolin kung fu is the base training also known as the ‘foundation’. Developed over 1500 years, the foundation gives one core strength, power, flexibility, speed, fitness, and coordination. From the perspective of Shaolin, a martial arts practitioner without a proper foundation would appear like a child trying to fight an adult. The foundation will benefit anyone in any sport or physical activity. It is never too late to start building your foundation, but clearly the earlier you start building your foundation, the greater potential you will achieve later on in life.

Parents commonly ask what a class is like for boys and girls between and 6 and 13 as well as youths. Typically a class will begin with a light jog to loosen up the muscles followed up by warm up drills involving jumping, fitness, and coordination exercises. Children then perform stretching exercises and finish up with kicks and kung fu drills afterwards.

There is an extended program in the Markham school where there are over 200 children students (who we loving call “Shaolin Kids”). The program follows up with practical drills and learning of Shaolin hand forms. More advanced students learn to wield weapons like the Shaolin cudgel (staff).