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Why Qigong May be the Ultimate Health and Wellness Benefit for Employees

Is your work stressful or fast-paced? Many people spend 8-10 hours working and sitting at the office all day and feel overworked. This is not good for anyone as health and productivity declines while companies struggle to meet their service and production objectives.

It is common-sense that people need to spend time daily to rejuvenate and maintain their health. Many companies offer health and wellness benefits for their employees but find that their employees are either not motivated to look for a wellness provider or are not actually getting the benefits they expect.

Perhaps it is time to consider Shaolin Qigong. Pronounced “Chee-Goong”, this unique art is quite different from yoga, taichi, and other exercises that have health as a selling point.

Shaolin Qigong is about ‘net energy gain’, an idea that one can release more energy in the body than consumed. It is a slow moving exercise that involves breath, movement and meditation. It is soft and gentle, and yet works on flexibility and mobility. 

As a result of this practice, one would benefit from feeling more relaxed, increase circulation, boost the immune system, and develop a better understanding of how to manage one’s energy throughout the day.

Our qigong classes are designed with this in mind and will open you to a whole new world of possibilities!

To learn more about how our qigong programs can benefit you, please click the link below to visit our qigong class and information page.