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We Guarantee Classes Even Through COVID-19 Lockdowns!

Training Indoors During COVID-19 Stage 3

It’s a confusing time. There are so many rules and restrictions during COVID-19. We feel it is really important to ensure students can continue to train even during lockdowns.

That’s why we’re providing Virtual Classes as a back up for times when we are not allowed to train indoors.

Sure it’s not ideal, but are you okay with the alternative of not training? The human body gets weak FAST. You will feel a difference even after 1 week of not training.

Some people think you can just go for a run. It’s not the same. You don’t work out your whole body and there’s not as much motivation or learning. Schools and classes are in important part of a disciplined life of learning and growth.

After many months of closures, reopening, and resclosure, it’s time to take matters into our own hands.

Let’s accept that this is the wave of the future and get over any concerns or fears of doing Virtual Classes. After COVID-19 interruptions, there will be other pandemics and interruptions. You simply cannot be at the mercy of forced closures.

So whatever activities you do, it’s time to get that Web Camera and steady Internet so you can get back to the things you enjoy!