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Value of Sacred Space and Organic Matter

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Written By a Student of STQI


I grew up in very little soil that was brittle and dry. My parents grew up the same way and did not know how to provide healthy moist rich soil for me so the water could stay and Sun can reach my roots.

Most of my life I focused on how little soil I had to grow in therefore very little water and limited amount of Sun did its work in my life. Initially this growth resulted in anger, aggression, fear and uncontrolled emotion for survival.

I almost came close to drying and dying. I had to look somewhere else. The research began. I decided to look into the healthy tree life that even provided space for birds to sing and people to sit in its shade. I wanted to sit under the shade and share its secrets of living in rich soil with roots wide spread so beautifully and rhyming in harmony.
Following the shade and the sound, I would end up in sacred spaces such as STQI TORONTO. Idea of living forced me to join sacred space of STQI TORONTO. This was my chance to do the work of being in dry brittle to healthy moist soil.

A place where there is respect, focus and compassion to look within the foundation I had. I wanted to blossom fast. In order to blossom, I had to see the bigger picture. I had to go back to the stars that I slept under, wind that I resisted, large trees and the birds that had accompanied me but I was too busy focusing what the parents and society had provided for me.
I had to change my foundation. This foundation came along with respecting sacred space and sacred people that were blossoming in healthy soil. I sat under their shade and shared its secrets of such living.

Respect and compassion was served to me in mirrors of healthy soil and water so the Sun could do its work. I learned their ways and was strong.

I wanted to be able to walk, flow with the wind, help build communities and organic matter for others dry plants to thrive under the shade now.

I had to learn from the nature and we human beings are no different than a tree growing in the rich soil vs dry soil.

Make your soil moist, healthy so the water and sun can reach your roots and become one with its nature.

I would like to make a request for all who enter STQI TORONTO to respect this space. It is a place where the soil and water is provided in mirror of support and compassion.

When we enter this space, we shall all drop the ideas of desert and look forward to magic that we are all born with.