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The Sights, Sounds, and Spirit of Our Shaolin Retreat Training Camp of 2019

We had over 50 people at the Shaolin Retreat Camping and here are some of them!

We’ve just returned from our week-long camping trip to Warsaw Caves where we hosted our 7th Annual Shaolin Retreat Camping event!

Sitting meditation and Chan philosophy sessions to increase self awareness

Our annual event consists of two parts beginning with meditation and philosophy. This year our theme was finding Chan through moving meditation. We did a lot more training in Shaolin qigong and Gentle Kung Fu as means to relax the mind and increase awareness of the self.

The second part is about kung fu martial arts training for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or experience. Students and newcomers got to train every day and also participate in hiking and other activities.

Practicing the starter form called Wu Bu Quan together

Take a look at our quick video below for a better insight into our experience!

2 Minute Video Summary!

Please click the photo/link below for a brief 2-minute summary of our 7th Annual Shaolin Retreat Camping event, showcasing the Shaolin Spirit from our STQI Schools. We did more training than ever including Sunrise Qigong, Gentle Kung Fu, and Shaolin Kung Fu. Join us in 2020 for our next one!

Watch a 2 minute summary of our Shaolin Retreat training and camping event