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To comply with the government’s city lockdown order for York Region, our School will be closed effective December 14, 2020, Monday. All in-class lessons for Children Kungfu, Adult Kungfu, Qi Gong, etc; will be canceled until further notice.

Children Kungfu online classes will be held as usual. If interested in taking online lessons, please contact Natalie directly for arrangements for classes, dates, and times.

Wishing you all healthy and stay safe🙏 12/14/2020

因应政府發出对約克区28 天的封城令,本中心將於2020年12月14日起関闭,所有室內兒童功夫,成人功夫,氣功等課堂將全部停課。課堂重開時間將另行通如。


祝身體健康,出入平安🙏 12/14/2020

氣功八段錦 星期六上午 11時
氣功易筋經 星期三上午 11時
少林柔拳 (2021年1月開始)
静坐禪修 (2021年1月開始)
Adult classes:
Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin Saturday 11am
Qi Gong Yin Jin Jing Wednesday 11am 
Shaolin Rou Quan (class starts on January 2021)
Meditation (class starts on January 2021)
Wu Bu Quan ( 五步拳 ) – Sharmaine
Jacob C
Gavin T
Conan T
Jacob C
Eric & Emily
Wilson & Dad
三個小精靈 (Jeremy, Chloe, Julian)
Wilson W
Logan & Cheuk
Mia K
Conrad F
Logan K
Connor C
Darren W
Derek W
師父 和 Hailey 合照 (多謝羅漢堂各人的支持)
師父 和 Ethan


香港菩提達摩會主持 – 釋廷竺法師

Asialicious Carnival 亞太風味嘉年華 2019

STQI Markham Summer Camp 2019

見宗法師 和 釋果松師父



STQI Markham Mid-Level class CNY Party




STQI Markham @ Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

Date : Jan 27, 2019

Instructor Shi Chang Chuan (Barron) & Malson get a sweet taste of “Gold” in 12th China ZhengZhou Shaolin Wushu Festival.

2018 年第十三屆香港国際武术比賽

2018 年第十三屆香港国際武术比賽 – 加拿大少林羅漢堂 – 最終比賽成績 :

1. 團體總分季軍
2. 金牌 – 82面
3. 銀牌 – 36面
4. 銅牌 – 12面
獎牌數目共130 面

5. 1位隊員獲B 組男子个人全能成績第五名
6. 最佳運動團隊獎
7. 5位隊員獲頒最佳運動員
8. 3歲小隊員獲頒神童獎


2018 The 13th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition – Final results for Shaolin Luohan Temple Team :-

1. Group Total Scores – Bronze Medal
2. 82 Gold Medals
3. 36 Silver Medals
4. 12 Bronze Medals
Total numbers of Medal – 130

5. Best Sports Team
6. 5 Athletes are awarded with Best Athlete Award
7. 1 Athlete achieved 5th place in Group B Men’s All-rounded Performance
8. Our 3 years old athlete is awarded with Kungfu Wonder Kid.

Big congratulations to Shaolin Luohan Temple Team. Great job!




Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute was founded in 1996 by Master Shi Guo Song. It occupies 400mu and has about 1000 students. The institute focuses on the study of Shaolin martial arts and cultural education.

In 2007, Master Shi Guo Song established the first Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute in Markham, Toronto, Canada, and taught Shaolin wushu, Qi Gong, meditation. It manifests the 1500 years Shaolin culture. He also founded the Shaolin Luohan Temple in 2009, which is a charitable organization that serves to bring balance to people through peacefulness, while helping the poor, elderly, and weak.

Master Shi Guo Song’s disciple, Shi Chang Dao is teaching Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts and Qi Gong in the downtown area of Toronto, Canada.

While we encourage the teaching of Kung Fu Martial Arts and Qi Gong to strengthen and revitalize one’s body, we also contemplate calm and peaceful meditation. Shaolin studies denounce all violent activities. Our goal is to set up Shaolin cultural and Buddhist centers in every part of the world and to manifest the 1500 years old tradition of Shaolin spirit.

The Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute currently provides traditional Shaolin Kung Fu (Martial arts) and Qi Gong (Soft forms) classes to students from all walks of life, age groups and religious makeup.

Watch A Short Video About STQI and Martial Arts in Toronto and Laurentides on YouTube!


The monks in the Shaolin Temple practice martial arts mainly for health and self defense rather than offence. It can be revealed in the restrained and modesty features of Shaolin Kung Fu. The Kung Fu actions are brisk, hard and strong and can be developed in confined space from internal body strength. These can deliver potent strikes after being attacked by opponents.

Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts integrates body movement with defending, attacking and wrestling. “Tao Lu” are series of movements known as stances. These body movements follow the ancient China medical guidance. Shaolin Kung Fu stresses on “the union between universe and human”. It is a combination of martial arts and Zen Buddhism ideas; and tells the difference of Shaolin Kung Fu from other Kung Fu.

Benefits of Kung Fu for children include: strengthened body, increased flexibly, enhanced blood circulation, increased metabolism, immunity, build confidence, improve self-esteem, develop patience, concentration and swift reflexes.

Essentially, adults taking Kung Fu will benefit from the stimulation of the full potential of the body power, sensitivity, flexibility, and overall health. Cultivating the mind with Kung Fu  Martial Arts will bring contentment and joy.

Qi: A natural energy or force that fills the universe.

Qi is an invisible energy, and Qi Gong is an exercise of body inner strength , through Qi Gong’s practice that use abdominal breathing (childhood breathing) with intention. The series of designated movement facilitate Qi travels throughout the entire body including internal organs. As a result it enhances blood circulation, promotes metabolism and thus improve health and help to provide food and oxygen to the body.

As we grow older through middle age and old age, impact of the aging process becomes evident in our bones weakening, disturbance in our bodies’ excretion, compromised functioning of our various organs and adverse influence of body and mind. Depression, sleep disturbance, frustrations all leading to various forms of illness. Qi gong, Ba Duan Jin’s abdominal breathing with the movement save to strengthen the movement of our body and limbs, enhance the support functions of the spinal cord ( our internals organs rest on our spinal cord system), regulates our internal excretion, elevate our immunity. Through Qi Gong’s slow and deep breathing methods, we are able to exhale a high concentration of carbon dioxide (by estimation, we are able to exhale 60% of our carbon dioxide). Regular practice of Ba Duan Jin assist to enhance blood circulation, strengthen the function of our internal organs, resulting in less illness and improvement of the body and mind. 

Certain movements also assist women to cope with menopause and reduce symptoms as a result of the irregularity of excretions. This practice also enhances oxygen supply to the fetus, resulting in enhance brain development and safe delivery of the baby. 

Practice of Qi Gong “Ba Duan Jin”, will result in contentment of body and mind, leading to a satisfactory life.