STQI at the World Gym

Classes at the World Gym have been going well, with some regular students I see almost every week plus new people trying each time. It was a smaller class today (and I forgot to take a photo while everyone... Read More »

Community Stretching Program

I’m proud to introduce a new stretching program to reach out to the Scarborough community, and cutting the startup fees to make it more affordable. I’m starting with a free 3 class program before officially launching in June, and... Read More »

The Secret to Shaolin Levitation

These kids worked really hard today to work on their kicks and also learn some more of #WuBuQuan. I don’t think they all got the memo to jump on the count of three, but at least one seems to... Read More »

Admirable students

View this post on Instagram My Kung Fu brother told me that when I started my own school I would attract students who had similar personality as myself. But I would instead say it's the other way around, and... Read More »

Cute kids

View this post on Instagram How can you not have fun with such a cute bunch of #ShaolinKids? They were all smiles but also all working hard this weekend to learn their fundamentals and build discipline through the routine... Read More »

Demos in Scarborough

View this post on Instagram Over the last few weeks I've participated in various demos across the city in celebration of #ChineseNewYear or #LunarNewYear. I was able to see numerous #LionDance performances, special Chinese characters and Gods, and even... Read More »

World Gym Scarborough

View this post on Instagram I've been working on my editing skills and here is a small shareable promo I created for my class at the #WorldGym in Scarborough! Looking for Shaolin Kung Fu in the Scarborough area? Come... Read More »


View this post on Instagram These two little #warriors have been coming to the Sunday kids' class and seem to be having a lot of fun challenging each other during the class. There's nothing quite like training with others... Read More »

Chinese New Year 2019 in Scarborough

View this post on Instagram I gave a Kung Fu demo at the Lunar New Year's celebration at the CCC, where we also had a visit from Choy Sun (God of Wealth) who gave out lucky envelopes to everyone.... Read More »

World Gym Scarborough

Next week, I’ll be bringing this fun and upbeat #cardio class to #worldgymscarborough to introduce some Kung Fu drills to the local #fitness community. If you or anyone you know are interested in a fun way to get fit... Read More »
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