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Fall Term Registration Open for 2020 T3 Fall Term! Click here for the scheduleClick here for our store and registration system at store.stqitoronto.comOnline courses for Shaolin kung fu, qigong, and meditation - Click here to go to!Click here to sign up for our eNewsletterClasses have resumed - hurray!

School is open. Please click here for our COVID-19 rules.

If you are interested in taking Shaolin classes but don’t know where to start, try this first:

Welcome to STQI Toronto!

“Hi! My name is Shi Chang Dao, or simply Master Dao. I am the Chief Instructor of the downtown Toronto school. I opened the school in the fall of 2011 under the guidance of my Shi Fu, Master Shi Guo Song. He is an authentic Shaolin monk that still practices traditional Shaolin kung fu martial arts, qi gong, and chan. “

“Our North American culture is very good at creating a structured lifestyle yet it does not teach us how to be strong physically or mentally from within as we experience life. I am very grateful to be able to pass on his teachings to help others through martial arts kung fu, qi gong, meditation, and philosophy. “

“My school aspires to help people of any age, any ethnicity, and any religious background. By joining my school you are making the effort to dedicate time and resources for improving yourself.”

– Dao Shi, 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple

Watch the short video above to learn about our school

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How We Manage COVID Well at Our Summer Camp

Last week we finally reopened our school as Toronto was given the green light for Stage 3. Our Fall Term will begin week of September 7, 2020. In the meantime, we decided to run 5 weeks of summer camp... Read More »

Summer Camp for Kids Registration Now Open!

We’re pleased to announce that our registration for kids camps are now open! This summer we are offering 5 weeks of kids camps from August 3 to September 4. There may be COVID restrictions imposed by the government such... Read More »

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Erhu Chinese Instrument Classes Now Offered at the Downtown Toronto School

Above: We ran a free erhu workshop last Saturday and here’s quick YouTube video to help you appreciate this awesome instrument and meet our teachers! We are pleased to announce that erhu Chinese instrument music classes will now be... Read More »

Introducing Our Erhu Teachers at Next Saturday’s Free Chinese Music Concert and Workshop

On Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 6pm we will have a free Erhu concert and workshop. We want to promote the Erhu Chinese music instrument and generate awareness of er hu classes starting at our downtown Toronto STQI school... Read More »

Kids Day Care at STQI in Response to the Teacher Strike

We’ve been asked by a few parents to consider offering a temporary day care during the strike days. If there is enough interest, we will announce the days that we can make the school available with adult supervision and... Read More »

Why Qigong May be the Ultimate Health and Wellness Benefit for Employees

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Free Erhu Chinese Music Performance and Workshop on February 8, 2020!

We are hosting a free Erhu Chinese Music Performance and Workshop at the downtown Toronto school at 393 Dundas Street West, 2nd Floor. Everyone with an interest in Chinese instrumental music is welcome to come and attend. Registration is... Read More »

Partnering with Canadian Chinese Canadian CCO to Bring Erhu Classes to the Downtown Area

We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Chinese Orchestra has recently partnered with STQI Toronto! This partnership brings accessibility to Chinese Music Instrument classes in the downtown area. Under the leadership of Amely Zhou, an accomplished and well... Read More »

A Photo Blog of the First Two Weeks of Winter Term Classes at STQI

Classes have begun and many students are training hard to strive and improve themselves. It’s amazing how much goes on in a just a few days! We’re proud that our school seeks to provide the best environment for people... Read More »