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STQI Toronto Testimonials

Away from the city and daily concerns, Shaolin retreat was the only place where I was able to completely relax and evaluate my life while spending hours practicing meditation and Qi Gong with instructor Shi Chang Dao. My first retreat was a life changing experience and I don’t ever want to miss this opportunity again. There is no better chance to take a deep look within yourself and learn basics of Chan philosophy, Shaolin meditation, QiGong and even Kung Fu. I know now that I’ll be going to this retreat camping every year!

Alex M.

We love STQ because it allows our girls to have fun while at the same time fostering a sense of integrity and respect in them. They both enjoy coming to Kung Fu so much – they hardly realize the valuable lessons of commitment and tenacity that they are learning. Thank you!


I started Martial Arts in Markham, Ontario with Master Shi-Guo Song. The first class was a clear Indication for me to embrace the nature of Kung Fu.

Later, In 2010 Dao Shi had started STQI In Chinatown, Downtown, Toronto. I have been with the school since then. It took me almost 1.5 years to adapt the practice of Chi-Gong and Kung Fu. I saw many positive personal results that has helped me overcome lot of fears and increase my emotional IQ. Classes are fun, productive with a flexible schedule.

Dao has immense amount of knowledge about the Kung Fu techniques, Chi-Gong and practical understanding of Chan Philosophy. School atmosphere is welcoming and warm. There are lot of events and activities to get familiar with Chinese culture.


My experience at the Warsaw Caves Meditation Retreat embodied my body , mind , spirit and emotion . A safe beautiful environment to nurture myself . Dao’s guidance and leadership during the meditation, Qi gong . and Kung Fu sessions have made a lasting impact on me. I am grateful . Looking forward to learning more about the Shaolin philosophy at the next retreat.

C Boyce

I have been a kung fu student of Shi Dao for just under one year now, at the downtown school. I joined because I was always interested in kung fu, and wanted to learn from an authentic Shaolin school and teacher. As I found out, this school is as authentic as you can get!

Dao is a 35th generation disciple of an actual Shaolin monk, and he is very knowledgeable about not only kung fu and qi gong, but also the philosophical, mental and spiritual sides of the Shaolin arts. At the school you will learn kung fu (and any other course he offers) the same way that students of the Shaolin Temple in China have been learning for 1,500 years, starting with the fundamentals and working your way up to impressive forms and application of the fighting techniques (including an optional sanda/boxing class with sparring). All the while you will be getting a complete body workout like you’ve never had! Also, Dao’s friendly instruction will make you feel perfectly comfortable in class, no matter what level you are at.

I highly recommend the school to anyone interested in learning kung fu for fitness, self defense, or any other reason. You will not be disappointed!

Dave C.

My experience at the shaolin meditation retreat was fantastic. It was a great way to deepen and learn meditation in a way I had never been shown before. I left feeling empowered and my meditation practice has deepened significantly since my return. I look forward to returning next year!

Genevieve B

Testimonial from the last session as we dived into perceptions:

It was very peaceful… A good disconnect from all of our daily distractions. The discussions are just enough to provoke the mind and reflect.

Is it possible to have workshops more often? November seems far away…

Anthony- STQI Student


I’m not entirely sure where to start with what I like about the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute!

Location: Conveniently located downtown in Chinatown, those of us living downtown have access to a unique community focused on physical and mental health based on an ancient Chinese tradition infused with modern technology and gamification.

Activities: My boys 5 and 7 were drawn to the Kung Fu activities immediately on our trial day. The workout they got in the one and a half hour class resulted in a lot of sweat and a very good night’s sleep! Throughout the term, I can see improvement in their flexibility, strength and balance.

Logistics: I like that the payment for the trial day was immediately credited towards the prorated classes for the rest of the term. I like that the instructor is always looking for ways to improve the services, experiences and programs for the students.

Community: At the end of every term, Dao organizes a great potluck with all the students.Each end of term party has been fun, tasty and inspirational. The School has attracted amazing and talented people and I find that there is a shared value of positivity and growth that is amazing to be a part of.

I would highly recommend the STQI to anyone looking for a martial arts program for the kids (or themselves for that matter).


PURE, Shaolin Spirit… Infused with Peaceful Warrior Soul… Authentic HEART… Honour…Humility…Fierce Authenticity… Bodhicitta Vision.