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Group Picture with Shi Yong Xin

Abbott Shi Yong Xin Demo

Master Shi Guo Song 34th Generation Shaolin

Master Shi Guo Song demonstrates a pose from the Mantis style

Praying Mantis

Master Shi Guo Song demonstrating praying mantis style at the Shaolin Temple at Song Mountain

Hi there, I am Shi Chang Chuan, a 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple, member of Shaolin Team Canada, and International gold medalist. For over a decade I have been studying under Master Shi Guo Song, and in that time have honed my Kung Fu and teaching skills, and helped spread the Shaolin culture to countless students, friends, and family. I try to create an energetic, focused, and yet fun environment to keep you motivated to reach your personal and fitness goals. I speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, and am always looking for ways to help you improve every day, so my job is never done!

The Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute (STQI) was established in China in 1996 by Grand Master Shi Guo Song, a 34th generation warrior monk from the Shaolin Temple and World Kung Fu Champion. He is an authentic Shaolin monk who practices traditional Shaolin kung fu martial arts, qi gong, and ch’an. He established the Canadian head branch in Markham in 2007, and I established STQI Scarborough under his guidance in 2018.

Our schools use traditional Shaolin Kung Fu methods, which balance hard training for power, speed, and flexibility, with soft training for internal health, inner peace, focus, and patience. I am proud to be sharing our Master’s teachings with the people of Scarborough and surrounding areas, and hope to help people of all ages and skill levels to reach their personal goals.

Instructor Chuan, Head Coach of STQI Scarborough

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STQI at the World Gym

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Community Stretching Program

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The Secret to Shaolin Levitation

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Admirable students

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Cute kids

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Demos in Scarborough

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World Gym Scarborough

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Chinese New Year 2019 in Scarborough

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World Gym Scarborough

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