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Shi Chang Dao 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple


Chief Instructor of Downtown Toronto School

Shi Chang Dao (or Dao Shi) is a 35th generation traditional Shaolin disciple. For many years he has trained under the careful guidance of Master Shi Guo Song, a famous Shaolin Monk from China. Since 2011 Dao has opened a school in the downtown Toronto area and has had the priviledge to teach Shaolin philosophy and martial arts to thousands of people across various disciplines including Sitting Meditation, Ch’an Philosophy, Shaolin qi gong, Shaolin kung fu, Shaolin style sanda /Chinese boxing, and self defense. He has made several television guest appearances, most notably on CBC’s feature called Masters of the City, Keepers of an Ancient Culture. He continues to receive regular martial arts kung fu training from his Master today and is adept in various traditional hand forms including Tong Bei Quan, Xiao Hong Quan, Da Hong Quan, Qi Xing Quan, and Rou Quan. His favourite weapon is the Shaolin Cudgel (staff).

Watch Dao Shi use internal qigong to break two iron bars | December 2017

Watch Dao Shi Perform Da Hong Quan in traditional Shaolin style | August 2017

Watch Dao Shi Perform Xiao Hong Quan in traditional Shaolin style | August 2015

Watch Dao Shi Perform traditional Shaolin Dao | August 2015

Watch Dao Shi Perform traditional Shaolin Yin Shao Gun staff cudgel

Watch Dao Shi Talk on CBC’s Masters of Our City Keepers of an Ancient Culture

Watch Dao Shi’s Bicycle Wall Back Flip

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