Shaolin Luohan Temple in Canada!

Join us in building the Shaolin Luohan Temple in Canada

Master Shi Guo Song established the Shaolin Louhan Temple charitable organization in September of 2010. It is a non-profit organization which serves to spread the culture of all things Shaolin as well as to help the poor, elderly, and weak.

The Mandates of the Shaolin Luohan Temple

Specifically, the four mandates in its charter are aimed at reaching out to benefit our community:

1) To promote interest in and the study and practice of Shaolin Zen, Shaolin Qi Gong, Shaolin Kungfu, and Tai Chi to improve health, the immune system, self-confidence, and self-discipline.

a. As you may be aware, Shaolin’s roots are in Zen Buddhism, and Kungfu is but one piece of the puzzle. In fact, Shaolin Kungfu, Zen Buddhism, and Qigong are related, and make up a whole lifestyle with external, internal, and spiritual aspects. Buddhist individuals and communities worldwide share a philosophy of compassion and selflessness, and it is with this same generosity that Master Shi Guo Song has donated his time, money, and energy to establish the Temple for philanthropic purposes.
b. The Temple will host Shaolin Masters who are skilled and educated in training others in the practice of Shaolin Qi Gong and Shaolin Kungfu. Training classes will be open to any adult or child who wishes to learn.
c. The Temple will also hand out brochures, raise public awareness through promotions, conduct lectures, classes, and seminars, and host performances in Shaolin culture-related activities.

2) To assist the elderly and the ill through Shaolin services which promote health.

a. The Temple will raise funds through donations to subsidize, in whole or in part, sessions in Shaolin Qi Gong, Shaolin Meditation, and Shaolin Tai Chi. These ancient practices have long been known to improve vitality, energy, flexibility, overall well-being, as well as to help send certain ailments into remission.

3) To build a Shaolin temple in Canada and establish the Shaolin religion and culture.

a. The Temple will establish Shaolin Buddhism as a religion in Canada and will continue the advancement of and teaching of its religious tenets, doctrines, observances, and culture.
b. There will be public hours for praying sessions.
c. With the help of the community, Master Shi Guo Song’s long-term vision is to build the first fully sanctioned Shaolin monastery and school in Canada. The temple will raise funds through donations, locate and acquire property suitable for the temple, and design and construct a temple similar to the one in China.

4) To develop Shaolin culture within Canada through promotions and community outreach programs.

a. The Temple will arrange competitions and exhibitions, and seek sponsorships to grant prizes, distinctions, and scholarships.
b. The Temple will further support its culture by providing a peaceful environment for spiritual rehabilitation, and by offering programs involving accommodations, mediation, and praying.

How You Can Help Build the Shaolin Temple

We would like to reach out to our community to help become part of this significant event in Canadian history. Such endeavours are large projects but with the support of the community, we are sure to reach our goals. Contributions for the Temple can also be made at any of our STQI schools through the same methods as above.

*We can issue charitable tax receipts for donations $20+ *

We hope to have your support in establishing Canada as an epicenter of Shaolin in North America. Every dollar helps, and we thank you in advance for your generosity. If you wish to help, you may make a contribution at our Toronto Administration Office (click here to visit our contact page for map):

(please make cheques payable to Shaolin Luohan Temple)
Shaolin Luohan Temple
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