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Shaolin Spirit Showcase at Chinatown Festival with Short Videos

Shaolin Spirit at the Chinatown Festival on August 28, 2019

Our downtown school’s performance at the Chinatown Festival a few weeks ago was all about Shaolin Spirit.

Kids demonstrating their Shaolin Spirit through kung fu

What is Shaolin Spirit? It is about learning to drop the ego, to work together, to be respectful, and to focus on doing your best in order to get stronger physically and mentally.

Adults demonstrating Shaolin Spirit through qigong

Each year we strive to get better and better. Some people may think that getting better means your movements becomes sharper and more powerful. What if Shaolin is more than that?

Kids showing the Shaolin Spirit of Focus through meditation

Indeed, this year we challenged people’s perceptions of what Shaolin is by showcasing a variety of soft and internal arts including qigong, Gentle Shaolin kung fu, and meditation. 

We wanted to show people the uniqueness of the Shaolin culture and arts. It can be enjoyed by anyone and it doesn’t matter what age you start at.

The Shaolin Spirit of our community continues to embody the principal Shaolin Virtues of Perseverance, Strive, Focus, Respect, Compassion, and Leadership. We hope you enjoy these short videos of our various performances and become inspired to train for self improvement and health.

Short Summary Performance at Chinatown Festival

Qigong Performances at Chinatown Festival

Gentle Kung Fu Performance by Master Dao

Kids Performances at Chinatown Festival

Adult Martial Arts Performances at Chinatown Festival

Gentle Kung Fu Performances at Chinatown Festival

Women’s Self Defence Performances at Chinatown Festival