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Shaolin KUNG FU~ ALIVE and WELL in Toronto’s East End on the DANFORTH!

George (left) and Mimi (right)~ devoted Students of the Shaolin Path practicing every week at the STQI Toronto East Location.

FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS of Shaolin Spirit thrives in Toronto’s  East end with the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute’s (STQI) extension school celebrating another successful term under Its belt. First-Intermediate Instructor and Shaolin Kung Fu / Qi Gong Practitioner Rosemary Stehlik (also known as “RO” or “Rose”) has the pleasure of bringing an exhilarating opportunity to adults of all walks of life and athletic skills to cultivate an empowering experience of Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong on the Danforth.

Two professional and mature students dedicated to the Art and Wellness-inducing practices of the Shaolin Path  share their experiences of taking classes with East End Instructor RO:


” I thought I was in shape when I met Rose… then I realized it’s all relative. Rose is a master teacher and her passion for Shaolin Kung Fu is Excellent. I’m fascinated with this form of training that incorporates breathing, exercise with mind and body connection. Rose pushes me to strive further in her compassionate yet motivating and disciplined Shaolin Way. I am honoured to have her kick my butt every week, absolutely love her class!”


“I really enjoy coming to class taught by Head Instructor Rose. She’s always wanting us to push ourselves, yet she’s also compassionate when I get stuck. There are so many beneficial components to Shaolin Kung Fu. Rose Incorporates fitness, flexibility, and left/right brain-body connection. I can see Rose’s passion and dedication to preserving and spreading the Art and Awareness of Shaolin. I Always enjoy the mind-body brain cramp while working up a sweat!”

The Summer Term will kick off with a free open house experience for the public on MAY 5th, 2019 at both the STQI Downtown Toronto EAST extension (located at 371 Danforth Ave. at Chester Station, inside the Dream Yoga Dance Studio)  and at  STQI Headquarters on 393 Dundas St. W.  

Please see details on our main website:

COME! …unleash the potentials to engage the Inner-Shaolin Warrior-within,  awaiting expression! See You Soon! AMITUOFO!

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