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About Yoga at STQI Downtown Toronto

The first Yogis of ancient India left their homes for the seclusion of the woods to come in contact with their innermost self. There in the stillness of nature they developed the practice of yoga to transform our lives with a strong heart, steady body, calm mind, and gentle spirit.

In the west Yoga has become more associated with sweaty workout routines, designer clothing, and juice bars than it’s traditional roots. Come and experience the full system of Yoga dedicated to uncovering our most authentic selves.

On October 26 at 9am and October 27 @4pm, we will spend 1.5 hours dedicated to Yoga. Both workshops will begin with Vinyasa flows to shake stagnant energy, Hatha asana to build strength in our bodies and personalities, then relaxing Yin poses to calm down. All throughout the class we will go over breathing and meditation exercises as well.

Beginners can expect to learn the basic philosophy and moving forms of yoga, while more advanced practitioners will appreciate attention on refining their practice.

This Yoga workshop will be guided by David Taller, founder and sole teacher at the Toronto Island Yoga Centre and latest addition to the STQI faculty.

This workshop is organized and delivered in the spirit of open heartedness. There will be no charge to attend however registration is required to ensure we don’t go beyond maximum capacity.

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