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Our 2018 Shaolin Retreat Experience Photoblog!

admin | 09 July 2018 | STQI Toronto | | 0 Comments   

Last week we had our most active Shaolin Retreat experience ever! Everyone participated in a rare opportunity for sunrise qigong around 7 am every morning in the open field with Dao. The air quality was particularly fresh and the subtle energy of the sun added to the overall experience.

The weather was nice and warm for the meditation portion from Wednesday to Friday. We had a tent set up in the woods to offer a tranquil environment for meditative practice.

There was no shortage of food as we ate fresh fruits and gourmet veggie burgers!

The school bus arrived for the weekend portion of the reteat – family fun and fitness!

We did lots of Shaolin kung fu training during the weekend and everyone was on the field!

The many kids are persevering in the eat with mabu training with Dao!

Adults training at 200% on the field in Shaolin kung fu!

Other adults training in Gentle Kung Fu on the field at the same time as the other classes.

Some tough focus and balance drills during the kids class.

We took a break from the training and hiked up to the lookup vista point.

What a great view!

And then we continued to train the next morning!

The Gentle Kung Fu students getting some shade during class.

Kids doing 75 push ups and 75 sit ups in one class!

Keep training hard and be sure to join us next year!