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Kung Fu training at home for fast results

We can’t all come to class every day of the week, so it’s important to keep up your training when you are at home to get the maximum benefit from your lessons.

However, unlike in the movie The Matrix, there is no secret method to learn everything instantly. Everyone has to put in the time and effort to get used to the movements, coordination, power, breathing, etc. This is because a large part of your training goal is to work to improve your physical condition and build the muscle memory so the movements become second nature to you. That means the best way to improve is to spend more time working on it every day.

You should be picking up some new details to focus on every class, that you can take home and train for the rest of the week. And believe me, everyone always has something that they can improve on because you are never “finished” studying Kung Fu. If you are looking for some examples and other ideas, check out my Facebook group with 100 Shaolin Challenges over 100 Days. It launched on January 1, 2019, so I have already finished creating 100 days of challenges, but you could start from day 1 anytime of the year, or take any of the ideas to help yourself. In fact, people are still joining the group months later!! Check it out here:

And don’t forget I have a free 3-class community stretching program coming up very soon!

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