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Join Us for a Free Meditation Workshop on Sunday, September 16

What is this about?

Shaolin meditation is about self-cultivation and making it a priority in one’s busy and hectic life. By practicing meditation, we can develop clearer perspectives and learn to lead calmer and more fruitful lives. Perhaps it can also lead to greater wisdom.

Our meditation workshops are lead by traditional Shaolin Disciple Dao Shi. They are designed to benefit people of all skill levels and backgrounds. Experience is not necessary and we have a progressive method of practice.

For newcomers, you’ll learn a simple routine for meditation practice that you’ll be able to continue on your own. Those who have attended previously will be able to progress their training further.

How will the meditation be conducted?

This two-hour workshop may sound intimidating to many but likely you will find it go by quickly! The reason is we do not sit for two hours straight, and instead we practice 3-4 sessions of around 20 minutes each. We also add in some light calisthenics, moving meditation, and some light philosophy.

There are many forms of meditation around the world and no doubt you have heard of this before or have tried a similar practice. Come and experience a unique approach to meditation – a no-nonsense and simple method used for hundreds of years by traditional Shaolin monks.

Where and when?

This free workshop will be held on Sunday, September 22nd at 6:30pm at our STQI Downtown Toronto HQ (393 Dundas Street West, 2nd Floor). The doors will open at 6pm and you can rest comfortably in our lounge area. We will end the session approximately 8:30pm.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ATTENDANCE AT OUR SCHOOL. Please use our online registration form here: