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Introducing Our New Online Store

admin | 06 December 2018 | STQI Toronto | | 0 Comments   

We’ve just launched our new store at featuring Shaolin-related merchandise and training equipment. Lots of great options for holiday presents!

Here are some discount codes to get you started (expires December 20th):

  • Get 20% off on all orders over $200 with STQI20 discount code
  • Get 10% off on all orders under $100 with STQI10 discount code

Here’s a sample of what we’re currently offering:

Meditation supplies – pillows, incense, incense holders
Training equipment – punching pads, training bags
Clothing and shoes
Accessories – bags, mugs, pens
Tea – Premium grade chrystanthemum and puerh
Training resources – posters for ba duan jin qigong and Shaolin stances
Class gift certificates (sorry, discount codes do not apply for this item!)