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Introducing Our Erhu Teachers at Next Saturday’s Free Chinese Music Concert and Workshop

On Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 6pm we will have a free Erhu concert and workshop. We want to promote the Erhu Chinese music instrument and generate awareness of er hu classes starting at our downtown Toronto STQI school on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

Meet Amely Zhou and Jade Fang, our two erhu teachers.

Jade Fang will be playing Moaning in Sickness ( 病中吟), a representative work of Liu Tianhua.

Amely Zhou and Jade Fang will be playing Racing War Horses together.

It’s your opportunity to come meet the teachers and learn about the erhu instrument!

For more information about the free workshop and concert, click this link below:

For more information about taking Erhu classes, click this link below:

About Jade Fang, Erhu Teacher

Jade Fang has been playing erhu since grade 1. As part of the Canadian Youth Chinese Orchestra, she performs on the Gaohu, Erhu and Banhu. Having finished her grade 8 erhu examination from the Central Conservatory of Music Beijing, her interests in Chinese music grew day by day. She has toured with the CYCO to China in 2017. She has also performed as a soloist in the Millennium Chinese Orchestra’s concert in 2019. She is the principal Gaohu player in the CYCO.