Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

I’ve never trained in kung fu before or I’m not very fit.  Is this okay?

We’ve designed our classes so that students of all levels can train together.  So yes, it’s perfectly alright!  What’s great about this system is that the more advanced students can also help the beginners.

I want to learn mainly for health reasons.  Is this still the right class for me?

People may take our kung fu classes for reasons of health or learning to self-defend.  Either way you will be motivated in our classes to improve along your own agenda.

Is this appropriate for my child?

Yes we have a very successful children’s kung fu program and you are welcome to sit in on our sessions to observe.  Children learn discipline, self confidence, and focus as well as build a strong foundation as they grow older. They are awarded for good behaviour and encouraged to improve.

My child is 6 years old.  Is he/she eligible to take the children’s classes?

Yes, some of our young students began training as early as 3.5 years old!

What is the minimum age for adult classes?

There is no hard rule for adult classes as long as the student has the maturity and willingness to train at the adult level.  Our instructors will assess each student to and recommend the best class days and times to participate in.

Will I get injured from practicing kung fu?

As with any sports or physical activity, there is always a risk of getting injured.  Injury may result from a sprain, over training, lack of stretching, or accident during an optional sparring drill.  Our classes include plenty of warm up and stretching exercises to help minimize chances of injury.

How are the classes structured?

Typically we’ll start out with warmup and stretching, followed by specific drills to improve fitness, flexibility, and coordination of the whole body.  Sometimes we throw in some theory.  To finish off we learn or practice Shaolin ‘forms’ or do some sparring drills.

How does your ‘belt system’ work and what are the fees?

The Shaolin system is not based on a belt system.  Therefore there are no hidden or additional fees associated with learning Shaolin Kung Fu.

What is the appropriate attire and shoes?

Every student must wear clothing according to our guidelines.  Presentation and neatness is important as it shows respect for the school, the instructor, and fellow students.  We provide clothing at our schools for a nominal fee.

Each student is given a school uniform t-shirt as part of the Introductory Program.  Additional school uniform t-shirts may be purchased for $10.

For pants, durable full length pants are required.  You may purchase these for $25.

For shoes we recommend flat shoes with little or no cushion. Our school provides Feiyue shoes for $25 a pair.

Am I required to partake in any religious activities?

There are no religious activities or practices associated with learning Shaolin Kung Fu or Shaolin Qi Gong.

Is Shaolin a religion or does it have a religion?

The Shaolin beliefs are based on Shaolin Chan Buddhism which is not considered a religion from our point of view. It is compatible with all religions and non-religions.