Disciples of Master Shi Guo Song

Shi Chang Qiang 釋常強

Shi-Guo-Song-Disciple-Chang-QiangShi Chang Qiang(釋常強) has studied at the Shaolin temple for over 10 years and currently resides in USA. He has won first place in many kung fu tournaments.

His most accomplished kung fu technique is Seven Star Boxing, as well as mastery in the Nine Jointed Whip. He has performed many times alongside master Shi Guo Song, and is an instructor for kung fu classes in the US.

 Shi Chang Jun 釋常俊

Shi-Guo-Song-Disciple-Chang-JunShi Chang Jun (釋常俊) has studied Shaolin Boxing for many years, and has participated in many traditional Chinese wrestling competitions.

He has mastered Shaolin Red Boxing and the Spring-Autumn Sword technique. He has performed alongside Shi Guo Song both in China and the US, and is an instructor for kung fu classes in the US.

Shi Chang Dao 釋常道

Shi-Guo-Song-Disciple-Shi-Chang-DaoShi Chang Dao (釋常道) has been training under Shifu’s guidance for many years and is the chief instructor at the downtown Toronto school. His unique teaching style comes from his Asian-American perspective gained from his upbringing in a traditional Chinese family in Canada.

Shi Chang Dao is a practitioner and teacher of Shaolin Chan, meditation, qi gong, and kung fu, and is adept in various traditional kung fu forms including tong bi quan, xiao hong quan, da hong quan, qi xing quan, rou quan, and various weapons. [MORE…]

Shi Chang Chuan 釋常傳

Instructor ChuanShi Chang Chuan (釋常傳) has been training under Si Fu’s guidance for many years and is an instructor of Kung Fu Fitness and Self-Defense, Qi Gong, and Adult Kung Fu at the Markham school. His unique and energetic teaching style helps keep students motivated to reach their personal fitness goals.

Instructor Chuan is a practitioner of Shaolin Qi Gong and traditional Kung Fu, is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and has many years of teaching experience in Canada and in Asia.

Shi Chang Zhi 釋常直

Mike_204pxShi Chang Zhi (釋常直) has been training under Si Fu’s guidance for many years and is an instructor of Self-Defense and Kungfu Fitness at STQI Markham. His understanding of Master Shi Guo Song’s traditional kung fu forms gives him a strong ability to clearly explain concepts and help students get the maximum benefit from their training. Instructor Zhi has a sincere interest in helping others reach their potential.

Shi Chang Xin 釋常心

Marc_204pxShi Chang Xin (釋常心) previously practiced Karate and boxing, but his life changed when he found Shaolin Kung Fu and he decided to change careers and dedicate life to studying Kung Fu. In 2007 he traveled to Shaolin in China, and later in Canada met master Shi Guo Song. He traveled from Montreal every 2 weeks to improve his Gong Fu, Qi Gong, and meditation, and was accepted as one of Shifu’s disciples in 2011 and told to spread Shaolin in his Province.

Instructor Xin teaches kids and adults out of his St-Jérôme school as part of STQI, including teaching Shaolin discipline and fitness in different high schools. He also teaches Qi Gong and the Shaolin heart to inmates in different prisons of Quebec, all in the peaceful Shaolin way, as taught by his Master.