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Shaolin Spirit Showcase at Chinatown Festival with Short Videos

Our downtown school’s performance at the Chinatown Festival a few weeks ago was all about Shaolin Spirit. What is Shaolin Spirit? It is about learning to drop the ego, to work together, to be respectful, and to focus on doing... Read More »
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Join Us for a Free Meditation Workshop on Sunday, September 16

What is this about? Shaolin meditation is about self-cultivation and making it a priority in one’s busy and hectic life. By practicing meditation, we can develop clearer perspectives and learn to lead calmer and more fruitful lives. Perhaps it... Read More »
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Why Qigong Is Important and How You Can Start Practicing Today!

Why Should I Care About Qigong? Qigong is about your quality of life now and in the long run. This includes your mental health and managing your stress and anxiety as well as your physical health. You have to... Read More »
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Win Prizes this Weekend at Chinatown Festival!

This WEEKEND we’re giving away FREE Pizza, Shaolin Magic Mugs, Shaolin Warrior Bamboo T-Shirts, 4 Months of martial arts classes, and MORE! Come participate in our Shaolin Kung Fu Challenge at either of our performances or at our booth:... Read More »
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Shaolin Kung Fu Challenge Coming Soon!

Don’t miss the opportunity for you and your family to participate in our popular event that happens every year at the Chinatown Festival. Learn martial arts and win prizes! Read More »
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Grange Festival this Friday on August 9 – Join Us!

We’re excited to be part of the Grange Festival this Friday which draws in several hundred people each year.  Come find our community booth at the park, located just behind the Art Gallery of Ontario. We’ll have demonstrations and... Read More »
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We are the Official Martial Arts Sponsor of Chinatown Festival 2019!

It with great pleasure to announce that  Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute (STQI) is the official Martial Arts sponsor of the Chinatown Festival of 2019. This event is organized by the Chinatown BIA and attracts over 250,000 people each year. It’s a not-for-profit community... Read More »
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The Sights, Sounds, and Spirit of Our Shaolin Retreat Training Camp of 2019

We’ve just returned from our week-long camping trip to Warsaw Caves where we hosted our 7th Annual Shaolin Retreat Camping event! Our annual event consists of two parts beginning with meditation and philosophy. This year our theme was finding... Read More »
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Find Us at the Uptown International Children’s Festival!

Bring your kids and come find our booth at the Uptown International Children’s Festival from Thursday, May 16 to Sunday, May 19. We’ll be teaching Shaolin martial arts and learn about our diverse cultural arts including kung fu, qigong,... Read More »
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Join Us for Meditation From Anywhere Around the World on Sunday, May 19!

Many have been asking for a live stream so that they too can learn and practice meditation from their home. Finally, we are now conducting for the first time a live streaming meditation! So join us from around the... Read More »
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