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Learn Shaolin Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong in Toronto


What is Qi Gong and Why Is It Important?

Qi Gong is a light exercise designed to improve your overall health by increasing the available energy in your body and mind. When practiced properly it increases the amount of oxygen you ingest and distributes it to the deepest levels of cells in your body while relaxing your mind and consumption of energy. Every cell in your body requires oxygen in order to synthesize with carbohydrates and fats to release the energy it needs. Thus by improving blood and internal energy circulation you will be able to improving the operating efficacy of your total body. It involves stretching, breathing techniques, light physical movements, and Qi flow. It also derives many of the benefits of sitting meditation through its single-minded focus.

Shaolin Monks have been practicing qi gong for the last 1,500 years to improve not only their health but also to increase the power of their martial arts kung fu. Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong was only recently revealed to the world in the mid 20th century.

Why Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong?


Ba Duan Jin is one of few officially recognized qi gong art forms by the Chinese government. This was necessary for standardization, consistency and control over the proliferation of many types of qi gong art forms. Our school’s institutionalized format for learning qi gong promotes a quick path to feeling qi and learning to circulate it.

When you have learned to feel qi and to circulate it in your body, you will be able to continue to practice and derive its benefit all your life. This class is about health of the mind and body through regulated breathing, coordinated movements, and intention/awareness of energy. For martial arts practitioners, Ba Duan Jin qi gong will help loosen your muscles and enable you to deliver more power through your core.

Where Do Beginners Start?


Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong classes are designed for beginners to advanced practitioners. Through a 3.5 month course program you will learn to feel qi in your ‘dan dian’ the area just below your naval, as well as in your palms. You will learn to use Qi for the movements of an ancient art known as Shaolin Ba Duan Jin. This includes stretching and coordinating abdominal breathing with specific movements to induce qi flow. At higher levels of practice you will be able to move without muscle and feel very relaxed, both mentally and physically.

Grading & Certification

We have an optional annual grading exam for qi gong students with 5 distinct levels of experience and achievement. Students who successfully pass the exam will earn a grade certificate.