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Women’s Self Defence with Shaolin Spirit

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Written by Ro Stehlik, Shaolin Kung Fu and Women’s Self Defence Instructor

The Spirit of Shaolin is alive in the 21st Century, and is ready to touch the lives of Humanity with profound peace, mindfulness of being and great personal empowerment. The energy and path of Shaolin Kung Fu is more relevant and more deeply needed than ever in our complex, urban lives. We live in a time where many search for strength and serenity from within; wholeness of Life, and an existence defined by the alignment of health and wellness, everyday. For Women, young girls, and victims of violence who have sought to bring the empowerment of Shaolin Kung Fu into their lives, but who have felt distanced from the opportunity to experiencing it, we at the downtown Toronto school of Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute offer you a unique opportunity to experience our inner-city self defence program for women and girls.

Why Self Defence for Women?
Two two very distinct facts are recognized which need to be addressed:

1) The underdeveloped states of inner city self-defence, awareness, and practice is an outstanding issue in the lives of women, girls and victims of violence in the LGBTQ Communities.

2) Women and girls need to harness their their courage and fighting spirit within themselves to transcend basic fears revolving around issues such as walking home at night; defending themselves under close contact scenarios, unapologetically; developing a sense of self-preservation, keen intuition and the warrior spirit of survivalism on the streets, in the work place, and even within social realities of home and community.

Here at the downtown school of Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute, women and girls will have the chance to build a bridge of personal empowerment with the guidance of an experienced Female Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor specializing in the cultivation of the body, mind, and spirit through the 1500 year old wisdom, methods and practices of Shaolin.

You will have the opportunity to come in direct contact with methods of pre-emptive awareness, strengthening and conditioning drills for the body and mind, together with a safe and welcoming space in which to develop your strength and empowered in a supportive and non-competitive environment. Filled with a variety of exciting drills, kicks, warm-up exercises and repeated blocks and hand parrying methods, the STQI Women’s Self Defence program offers a profound opportunity to bring life-changing Shaolin practices into empowered Reality for you!

About the Author

Rosemary “Ro” Stehlik

Shaolin Kung Fu and Women’s Self Defence Instructor

Rose is a lead instructor of Shaolin martial arts kung fu and Women’s Self Defence at STQI Toronto. Her journey into the Shaolin arts began when she attended the Shaolin Warriors performance at the Sony Centre in 2012 where she met Dao Shi and subsequently joined his school. Since then she has been intensely training in Shaolin kung fu, gentle kung fu, and qi gong. She has performed regularly at various events around Toronto including Chinatown Festival and T&T Waterfront Nightmarket. In 2014 she joined the Shaolin Canada team and competed in the 10th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival in China and was chosen among 2000 athletes to initiate the games in the opening ceremony.