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Why Shaolin Meditation Is For Everyone and How You Can Get Started Right Away!

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The word ‘meditation’ has been used in many different ways. There are retail signs advertising “mindfulness meditation” or the media will use such phrases as “meditate on that to solve the problem”. Perhaps that is a new age definition of meditation, so here we’ll talk about meditation with respect to one of the earliest definitions or sources of meditation called “Shaolin Meditation”.

Shaolin meditation is a means to detach oneself with the reality of existence as we know it. This may sound convoluted but really it means freeing the mind of all thoughts by simply sitting and thinking of nothing. Why would we want this and how does it benefit?

Many of us are searching for peace. Some of us suffer from stress, not handling our emotions well, or from other unfilled desires. Understanding and finding peace requires philosophy so that one can work on him or herself to better manage life’s incoming flow of events. Yet how can one apply philosophy if the heart or mind is turbulent? The answer is to learn and practice the art of Shaolin meditation so that one’s mind can become clearer and prepared for philosophy and self improvement.

For children, the mind and body is active with youthful energy. If not managed, a child can cause harm to oneself and to those around them. Physical activities and hobbies are great ways for children to consume their energy but does not do much for helping them to manage their energy. Shaolin meditation is a skill that can help children learn to contain and control their energy and become more aware of themselves and their environment.

How does one practice Shaolin meditation?

Here are some basic instructions to help you get started:

1. Find a quiet space and sit in a position that helps to keep your back straight. This puts less strain on you and you’ll be able to practice more easily. If you can sit full lotus then your back will more or less be straight, otherwise a half-lotus position or a cross legged position will require you to prop your buttocks up slightly with a pillow.

2. Relax all the muscles in your body but keep your back straight. You can think of a string pulling at the top of your head – this will help keep your chin level as well.

3. Breath regularly. Don’t try to force your breathing. This will help you stay relaxed.

4. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Once you close your eyes you’ll become very aware of your thoughts. You may see things in your mind or go through your current list of things you are worried about. If that happens, don’t force the thoughts to stop and instead gently let them aside.

5. Use the counting method. Focusing on just one thing is a stepping stone to clearing one’s mind of all thoughts. The counting method is fairly straight forward – start at zero and count each breath (in and out) until you reach 10, then start again. If you find yourself thinking of multiple things then start again at 0. In this way you’ll be able to gauge your progress.

Just 1-2 minutes a day of Shaolin meditation will do you wonders. Try it and if you like it then incorporate it into your daily life.

Shaolin meditation is a daily practice that helps one to build a strong mental foundation and benefit through clarity of mind.