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Why Join Our Shaolin Sanda Chinese Boxing Workshop?

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Workshop General Info

When: Sunday, March 5th from 7pm to 9pm
Who: Open to the public, no experience necessary
Fee: $25
Requirements: Bring your own boxing gloves, 10oz

What Is Sanda Chinese Boxing?

Sanda or Sanshou “unsanctioned fight” is known today as a combat sport involving striking, wrestling, and throws. Sanda competitions typically have two 2-minute rounds and competitors earn points for their ability to land punches and kicks as well as execute throws. “Critical strikes” to the back of the head, backside, and groin are illegal as well as elbow and knee strikes. Competitors wear protective head, body, leg, and hand gear.

How Can Sanda Chinese Boxing Benefit Me?

Sanda training is great as a fitness exercise involving high impact drills utilizing the core. It is similar to our traditional Shaolin kung fu program and has greater emphasis on Chinese boxing techniques and with strikes using gloves.  Participants will get to experience a unique and traditional Shaolin approach.

This workshop involves optional safe sparring drills with no contact to the head.  With play sparring, participants will also gain experience in making quick decisions resulting in improvement in self defence capability.

Is this workshop suitable for beginners?

This workshop requires no experience in martial arts although a confident level of fitness is highly recommend.  You will also need to acquire your own set of boxing gloves that are preferrably 10oz (8 or 12 oz are also acceptable).

How do I sign up?

Please use our online form here:
Sanda Chinese Boxing Sign Up Form