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We are moving! And we need your support.

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Dear Students, Friends, Family, Partners, and Prospector Supporters!


It is time to take our school to the next level! I am pleased to inform you that I will be significantly upgrading our school facilities this summer by relocating to a new location at 393 Dundas Street East, just east of Spadina at Beverley (a 5 minute walk from our current location). We plan to move all our classes to the new location on June 1st, 2015 and there will be no disruption for the summer term classes.

The new space is 5,550 square feet. To put this into perspective, it is roughly a little more than 5 times the size of our existing training area. It is located on the second floor with elevator and stair access and will be wheelchair accessible.

We plan to begin renovations in May. The vision of the layout will include an extra large training area, a large training area, and several washrooms. We will expand our programs in the future to offer pre-shool classes, more childrens classes, classes simultaneously for parents and children in separate rooms, beginner, intermediate, and advanced martial arts kung fu classes, meditation and Ch’an workshops, tai ji yang and chen styles, pregnancy exercise programs, public events, and more! A high capacity ventilation system ensures a well controlled and healthy air environment.

The new space will also include the first Shaolin Tea Shop & Cafe in Canada, offering a unique place for people to sit down and enjoy high quality tea and snacks while enjoying the energy of the environment.

This is an important strategic venture as it will become a stronghold for traditional Shaolin culture in Canada and a basis for growth and expansion. It is my extended vision in support of my Shi Fu’s vision, which is to help people and communities through the traditional Shaolin arts.

I want this space to be a place that you will continue to be proud of. The profits will be used for projects to help children, adults and seniors in need; the deaf, the blind, the poor, and those with other disabilities. Profits will also be used to build the first Shaolin Retreat Centre at Rice Lake where we already have access to 40 acres of donated land. You will be able to stay there for a weekend or a whole week for self-cultivation or join in kung fu camp programs.

With your help we will arguably have the largest Shaolin and kung fu establishment in the downtown Toronto area if not the entire city!

The initial investment cost is quite significant and at this time I am seeking financial assistance to ease cash flow as well help further renovations and allow better facilities. My target is to raise $30K by July 1st, 2015. There are many ways that you can help and I encourage you to review the details below and participate in the future and success of our community.

Yours Truly,

Shi Chang Dao
35th Generation Shaolin Disciple

How You Can Help!

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about our school and how they can benefit by joining. This is the strongest way to sustain continued growth and you are helping to benefit others. We have an open house on May 3rd, Sunday, and you can ask them to try a class FREE by registering at:

Register early for the Summer Term

Returning students that sign up and make payment BEFORE the term party on April 19th will be entered intro a prize draw featuring $200 worth of items from our website!

Sign up for 1 year Unlimited Shaolin Classes

Sign up for an entire year of unlimited Shaolin classes for adults for $1,500 (regularly $625 per term), or children for $750 (regularly $975). Adult classes include Qi Gong, Intermediate Qi Gong (requires 1 term of regular qi gong), Gentle Kung Fu, Beginner Kung Fu, and regular Kung Fu with Dao (other discounts not applicable on this offer). Please note this deal will not be repeated in the future!


Your charitable donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated! Select from $100, $500, $1500, $2500 and become forever listed on our website as an original supporter of our school upgrade. For more information and to request a Support Package, please e-mail us at

Business Sponsor

Your charitable donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated! By sponsoring us as a $500 Bronze Sponsor, $1000 Silver Sponsor, or $2500 Gold Sponsor, your business will be recognized as a supportive partner of our school and be permanently listed on our website as an original support of our school. Other benefits include advertisements on our website and newsletters. For more information and to request a Support Package, please e-mail us at