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The Shaolin Way Universe is a world in which the people are attempting to reclaim their harmonious city of Shaolin Taiji, in an ongoing saga to free the world from Lord Sufferon’s evil. In Shaolin Kids classes this Term, children have joined a Virtuous Clan and are training in Shaolin Kung Fu in hopes that one day they will find their Shaolin Way. First off they must train hard and defend their newly established village against the first wave of Vexpawns…

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The COAN Council (Council of One and None) has approved The Warrior Clan’s first ever Warrior Games! For those not aware, the Warrior Clan represents the Shaolin Virtue of Perseverance. The Warrior Clan’s code of Perseverance is: To never give up, to keep trying even when things look grim, to set realistic and achievable goals, and to be energetic and optimistic.

The Warrior Games were held this past week and brave students who signed up underwent preliminary trials where they had to persevere and frog leap great distances within a short time limit.


Incredibly, every student passed the trials! Congratulations!


The wheel barrow race was one of the most anticipated events. Here the team instructors encouraged the students to the finish line.


Giving everything they had, Edmond and Jack were one of the first to make it to the finish line.


The Warrior Game’s first casualty was Stanley who had to sit out temporarily before coming back and showing his Shaolin Way in persevering through the other challenges.


Danny and Kevin square off as Danny persevered for several minutes and refused to give up while Kevin gave it his all in a team arm wrestling match!


Finally the contestants squared off in a team tug of war. Here they are challenged to take on Instructor Omar who was defeated when the kids persevered in the challenge.

The final result? All we can say is that every Shaolin Kid upheld their Perseverance Virtue and are all winners – congratulations!!!

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