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Vexspawn Sighted! 2014T1

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2014T1 March Break
Shaolin Way Press
Reporter: Bao Zhi

Brave adventurers took on a D Rank mission and explored the area just north of the Shaolin Xin village.

It was a relaxing adventure on a bright sunny day when one of the party members sighted a vexspawn lying down next to a rock. The vexspawn was greenish in colour and was lying on its back. It seemed somewhat harmless except for its large mouth and sharp teeth. Fortunately it was sleeping and making a loud snoring sound.

As ordered by the COAN council, the party did not disturb the vexspawn and instead returned to the village to report its finding.

The illustration on the left was drawn by one of the party members.

If you see this vexspawn please do not approach it and report it immediately to the COAN council.