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Traditional Capoeira Open House on Saturday, February 3 at STQI Toronto!

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Traditional Capoeira is coming to the STQI Toronto downtown school!

Come join us for the Open House on Saturday, February 3rd at 4:30pm until 6:30pm. Meet the teacher Mestré Sérgio Xocolate, learn about its rich history and culture, and try its musical and dance martial art.

Traditional Capoeira through Maculelê, Coco, Samba de Roda, singing & percussion. This OPEN HOUSE will give you an introduction of Mestré Xocolate’s unique teaching style and approach to this Art Form.  He will be launching an exciting series of classes and workshops the following week starting February 9th, Friday.

MACULÉLÊ Fridays 9-10:30pm
COCO Saturdays 4:30-6pm
SAMBA DE RODA Sundays 5-6:30pm

All as ways into Capoeira (through its roots) and all with percussion & song!

All ages, levels, peoples welcome!

Bring your Capoeira instruments: pandeiro, berimbau, atabaque (if you have).

For more information, please check out their Facebook event page:

About Mestré Sérgio Xocolate

International educator, master of capoeira, percussionist, workshop
and social project facilitator, award winning musician, recording
artist, composer, singer/songwriter and performer; Sérgio Xocolate is
celebrated in Brasil, many parts of Europe and now Canada. Communities
also respect him as an artistic and cultural ambassador of Indigenous
Afro Brasilian traditional music and performance arts from Pernambuco,