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Top 5 Shaolin Moments of 2012: A Year in Review

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Oh what a year it has been for the STQI Toronto school!  Starting with just a handful of Qi Gong students, the school found a home in March at Queen and Spadina.  Throughout the year the school facilities were upgraded significantly (some of which were generously donated by the students) with new flooring mats, hanging and wall mounted punching bags, crash mats, take down mats, and other gym accessories.

School programs expanded with kung fu fitness, kung fu practical, Shaolin Kids kung fu, sitting meditation and philosophy, intermediate qi gong, open gym time, and basic self defence.  The school grew tremendously to 60 students and we had our first official Term Party to celebrate the students’ achievements.

There were so many memorable moments of 2012 and here we showcase the top 5:

#5: Metro News Feature


Our school was featured on the Metro News website in November.  Fernando Carneiro, the senior editor at Metro News, is a martial arts enthusiast and came to visit our school to learn what Shaolin Kung Fu was all about.  In his blog he wrote about a couple of techniques that we showed him:  the outside wrist punch parry and the windmill kick.  In less than a week the YouTube video of the windmill kick demonstration by Shi Chang Dao saw over 500 views.  If you haven’t seen it already, you can check it out and the Metro News blog here:

#4: Growth of the Shaolin Kids Program


We’ve seen the number of Shaolin Kids joining the ranks grow steadily throughout the year.  More importantly, many of them have already mastered their ma bu, ding bu, pu bu, xia bu, xu bu, and xie bu stances and performed Stance Transitions during the Term 3 Celebration event.  In return for respectful behaviour and focused training, these kids are rewarded with lots of fun play time!

#3: Impressive Qi Gong Demonstration at the 14th World Congress of Qi Gong


Our beloved Si Fu, Master Shi Guo Song, performed Iron Cloth Qi Gong at the 14th World Congress of Qi Gong at the Ryerson Theatre in May.  Shi Chang Dao participated with the honour of smashing hard wooden sticks at Si Fu’s arms, back, stomach, and legs.  We even had random audience members come up to the stage to punch and kick Si Fu in the stomach and sides.  Master Shi Guo Song closed the night’s main attraction by breaking a couple of iron bars on his head without any bruising, bleeding, or physical affects.  If you missed the YouTube video of this performance you can see it in this blog (scroll to the bottom):

#2: Fun Shaolin Camping Weekend at the Warsaw Caves


Our first Shaolin Camping experience saw over 20 people in attendance at the Warsaw Caves.  The majority are students and friends from the downtown Toronto and St. Laurentides school near Montreal.  Together we practiced sitting meditation, sunrise qi gong, and kung fu fitness.  We also enjoyed other fun activities such as touch football, bola ball, ring toss, cave exploration, and swimming in the nearby river.  You see the full gallery online here:

#1: Students Performing Wu Bu Quan at the Sony Centre for Performing Arts


This was definitely the topper for 2012 as our students perfectly performed a traditional Shaolin kung fu hand form called Wu Bu Quan in front of an audience of over 300 people.  This was a Shaolin Warriors pre-show workshop in November conducted by our very own Shi Chang Dao.  Audience members had the opportunity to learn the various stances of Wu Bu Quan as well as try their hand in Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong.  Check out the full gallery blog on our website here:

In the next issue we will be showcasing new programs and events for 2013!

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