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The STQI Grading Ceremonies on November 27th & Its Relevance

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The STQI Grading Ceremonies – Why Is it Relevant?

Shaolin Kids Kung Fu Grade 1 Participants (left to right): Ryan, Alec, Aiden, Anzu, Ayelen, James, Katherine, Keegan, Koan

Last night we celebrated the achievements of the students that attended the grading exams on November 4th.  It’s not easy to be judged by a panel of experts who scrutinizes every mistake.  Every participant has to battle nervousness and strive to demonstrate their very best when it counts.  So why are these exams important to them?

Shaolin Kids Kung Fu Grade 2 Participants (left to right): Aiden, Koan, Max, Ryan

The grading exams signify standards for the Shaolin arts of kung fu and qi gong.  Each type or stream of examination (i.e. children kung fu, adult kung fu, gentle kung fu, and qi gong) has 5 grade levels, and each grade level represents approximately 1 year of training.  Thus when one participates in the exam, he or she will be marked according to the standards and will know how well he or she does and objectively know what areas he or she can improve upon to keep or exceed the standards.

Adult Kung Fu Grade 1 Participants (left to right): Sam, Aiman, Colleen, Emily

In the spirit of traditional Shaolin, we encourage the celebration of passing a grade while discouraging the revealing and sharing of individual scores.  In this way, we are very different than many martial arts schools that prefer a belt system.

Adult Kung Fu Grade 2 Participant: Luka

On the other hand, the STQI Grading Exams is optional for students.  Students can expect to progress and learn without limits in all the classes offered.  It is, therefore, a personal choice.

Qi Gong Grade 1 Participants (left to right): Emily, Omar

Even qi gong, the art of understanding, feeling, and moving energy in the body can be tested in an objective manner.  Being able to fight nervousness and relax for energy and breathing tests can be a daunting idea.  But with confidence in qigong one can indeed control emotions to overcome nervousness.  Congratulations to Emily and Omar who both did very well in practical and theory!

Gentle Kung Fu Grade 1 Participants: Amardeep (not present), Omar

Finally, it was an honour to have Shi Fu Guo Song and some of his students from Markham in attendance at the ceremonies.  His presence and words of wisdom always makes our events extra special.  To summarize, he stressed the importance of understanding that Shaolin is much more than fighting, and what makes it different than any other martial art is its culture, emphasis on self, and way of being.  We must therefore all strive for a greater Shaolin Spirit.

The next grading exams will be held on May 5th!