Why don’t we have a belt system?

aka “How do I know I am improving if I don’t earn a belt?” aka “How do other people know I am good if I don’t wear a certain color belt? Historically there was no belt system in Kung... Read More »

Free Kung Fu Open House Classes

Our next Open House weekend is on May 11 and 12, where we welcome the local community to come meet our Instructor and try our Kung Fu classes for free. We have classes for all ages and skill levels,... Read More »

STQI at the World Gym

Classes at the World Gym have been going well, with some regular students I see almost every week plus new people trying each time. It was a smaller class today (and I forgot to take a photo while everyone... Read More »

Community Stretching Program

I’m proud to introduce a new stretching program to reach out to the Scarborough community, and cutting the startup fees to make it more affordable. I’m starting with a free 3 class program before officially launching in June, and... Read More »

The Secret to Shaolin Levitation

These kids worked really hard today to work on their kicks and also learn some more of #WuBuQuan. I don’t think they all got the memo to jump on the count of three, but at least one seems to... Read More »

Admirable students

View this post on Instagram My Kung Fu brother told me that when I started my own school I would attract students who had similar personality as myself. But I would instead say it's the other way around, and... Read More »

Cute kids

View this post on Instagram How can you not have fun with such a cute bunch of #ShaolinKids? They were all smiles but also all working hard this weekend to learn their fundamentals and build discipline through the routine... Read More »

Demos in Scarborough

View this post on Instagram Over the last few weeks I've participated in various demos across the city in celebration of #ChineseNewYear or #LunarNewYear. I was able to see numerous #LionDance performances, special Chinese characters and Gods, and even... Read More »

World Gym Scarborough

View this post on Instagram I've been working on my editing skills and here is a small shareable promo I created for my class at the #WorldGym in Scarborough! Looking for Shaolin Kung Fu in the Scarborough area? Come... Read More »


View this post on Instagram These two little #warriors have been coming to the Sunday kids' class and seem to be having a lot of fun challenging each other during the class. There's nothing quite like training with others... Read More »
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