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Students Perform at the Term Party

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The school year ended with a blast on Saturday night!


This year has seen some incredible growth in the school facilities as well as the students abilities in qi gong and kung fu. With new floor mats, crash mats, take down mats, punching bags, wall mount punching bags, and other miscellaneous equipment we are now very well equipped. Above is our school photo of some of the students that were in attendance.


This summer we introduced the Shaolin Kids program and here is a picture of the first student, Kajsa showing her pu bu stance. The children’s program has grown fast and already with 7 children. With Kajsa’s experience she’s been helping to show other kids how to do many of our drills. She’s a born leader.


The Shaolin kids perform various stance transitions showing their ma bu, gong bu, ding bu, xia bu, xie bu, and pu bu forms. The transitions were quick and even a few adult students were overheard saying “good thing we didn’t have to do that!”.


Some of the more senior students, Elvin, Cindy, and Kevin above, followed up with a more advanced form called Tong Bei Quan. They have also just started to learn the form and did an excellent performance!



We were then treated to an amazing erhu performance by Eugene Woo. He happens to also be our new Mandarin teacher next term!


Instructor opens his present from his students Cindy, Braam, and Kevin. It’s great to see kids get presents!!


A special thank you to Giuliano for baking a cookie for Instructor Dao!


The school year is officially finished and we look forward to the New Year. We are adding Sanda specialization classes on Wednesdays so be sure to check out our website for more information. This class will be included at no extra charge for all unlimited kung fu fit and practical students.