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STQI Toronto’s Top 5 Moments of 2013

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Starting With the Great Honorable Mentions!

Enjoy a recap of these times during 2013!

To view the photo blogs, please click a link below:

Shaolin Camping Retreat

STQI Sanda Exchange

Summer BBQ

Mid-Autumn Festival

The 1st Sanda Fight Night

Eugene’s Er Hu Mastery

#5 Fall Term Party

The fall term party set a record number of attendees while introducing new performance choreography and Chinese instrumentalist performances.

It was an incredibly fun time and $800 in school class gift certificates were given away!

Click here to view the online photo blog for the term party

#4 Canadian National Kung Fu Championships

Many of the downtown Toronto students came up to watch, enjoy, and support the five courageous students Mandee, Irene, Rose, Daniel, and Dan! These five are commended for their will and fortitude in joining their first kung fu tournament with under a year of training. Well done!

Click here to view the photo blog on our website

#3 STQI on CBC’s Masters of Our City: Keepers of an Ancient Culture

We are very fortunate and grateful to CBC for making this production and featuring STQI as the lead school in this program.

It was a fun night on September 26, 2013 as we watched our school on CBC’s program called Masters of the City: Keepers of An Ancient Culture. This program featured our school and our beloved Shi Fu Master Shi Guo Song demonstrating praying mantis, eagle, sword, and rou quan. His students also performed with his disciple Shi Chang Dao adding a few words of commentary. There were plenty of cheers as even some of the students of the downtown school were shown sparring.

Thanks to Bobby Singh Brown and his professional crew from The Production House who put together a top notch documentary.

Click here to watch this show online!

#2 Shaolin Temple Canvas Art

Our Spadina school wouldn’t be the same without this canvas art piece!  This fine art piece over 5×8 feet large was conceived by Lead Master Artist Rosemary Stehlik and completed with the volunteering efforts of Dan, Michelle, Jozef, Ginny, Mala, Lesley, Giuliano, Mandeep, Nancy, Birsen, Dionne, and also Shi Fu who put the last brush stroke on the temple wall.

It was revealed as a surprise at the Spring Term Party.  Click here to view the Spring Term Party photo album!

#1 Community & Volunteers

Alas, #1 this year was an incredible growth in the Traditional Shaolin Community of Toronto.  We certainly wouldn’t be here today without the incredible volunteering efforts of its students!  A highlight of some of the volunteering efforts include (we apologize if we didn’t catch everyone’s name!):

  • Hardwood flooring installation lead by Nancy, Dionne, and Ginny
  • Backend web application development by Lixiang
  • Renovations and promotions at the new Yonge & Dundas school by Thuy, Mandee, Rosemary, Omar, Phil, Irene, Nora, Rosanna, John, Dave, Martha, Zack, Andy, Natasha, Ginny, John, Sham, and Alex
  • School administration and organization by Mandee
  • School door sign by Gary
  • Regular cleaning of school floors by Thuy, Irene, and Phil
  • Professional photography by Mandee and Alex
  • Shaolin Temple Canvas Art by Rosemary, Dan, Michelle, Jozef, Ginny, Mala, Lesley, Giuliano, Mandeep, Nancy, Birsen, Dand ionne
  • Assistant Instructors for the Shaolin Kids classes: Kevin, Irene, Phil, MJ, and Thuy 
  • The 1st Term Party Committee including members Vina, Sham, Dan, Rosemary, Irene, Phil, Alex, MJ, Thuy, Omar, Birsen, Zack, Natasha, and Eric