STQI Downtown Toronto School


T&T Waterfront Nightmarket 2015 Shaolin Dao

Abbott Shi Yong Xin Demo

STQI with Abbott Shi Yong Xin and Master Shi Guo Song at the Shaolin Temple

Dao Competing at the 10th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival

Students Showcasing Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple Training Hall

Students Performing Shaolin Martial Arts Kung Fu at T&T Waterfront Nightmarket Summer 2014 in Toronto

Shi Chang Dao Performing at Toronto China Town Festival Summer 2014

Shi Chang Dao’s Flying Kick

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“Hi! My name is Shi Chang Dao and I am the Chief Instructor of the downtown Toronto school. I opened the school in the fall of 2011 under the guidance of my Shi Fu, Master Shi Guo Song. He is an authentic Shaolin monk that still practices traditional Shaolin kung fu martial arts, qi gong, and ch’an. “

“Our North American culture is very good at creating a structured lifestyle yet it does not teach us how to be strong physically or mentally from within as we experience life. I am very grateful to be able to pass on his teachings to help others through martial arts kung fu, qi gong, meditation, and philosophy. “

“My school aspires to help people of any age, any ethnicity, and any religious background. By joining my school you are making the effort to dedicate time and resources for improving yourself.”

– Shi Chang Dao, 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple


2017 Children’s Shaolin Martial Arts Kung Fu March Camp Information

This year we’ll be hosting the March Break Kung Fu camp for kids from March 13 to 17.  Kids will be training 6.5 hours a day from 9am to 3:30pm for a total of 32.5 hours!  There are options... Read More »
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2017 Spring Term Begins – The Photo Blog

It has been an incredibly fast start to this term and two weeks in all our students, new and returning, are showing great perseverance and strive in their training.  Keep it up throughout the term! Read More »
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Why Join Our Meditation Workshop on Sunday, February 5th?

Our meditation workshops are lead by traditional Shaolin Disciple Dao Shi. They are designed to benefit people of all skill levels and backgrounds. Experience is not necessary and we have a progressive method of practice. For newcomers, you’ll learn... Read More »
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Wing Chun Balance Part 3

In Guangzhou Wing Chun, we put equal emphasis on Pre-contact, and Post-contact training. The Pre-contact phase generally refers to the moment in time where both parties still have some distance between them, and each is about to move in... Read More »
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Your 2017 New Year’s Resolution the Shaolin Way

Apply the Shaolin Virtues to your New Year’s resolution! Deciding on Your New Year’s Resolution The Shaolin Virtue of Strive will help to drive your 2017 resolution theme.  What main area of improvement would you like to see for... Read More »
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STQI Celebrates OCTCM’s Grand Opening of Downtown School

It was with great pleasure that the downtown Toronto school celebrated with OCTCM (Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine) at the grand opening of their downtown Toronto school.  We ask Dylan Kirk (on right below), the owner, to give... Read More »
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The Shaolin Virtue of Perseverance

Ancient Shaolin wisdom teaches us to follow 6 key virtues in our lives as a means to achieve peace in our hearts.  In this article we explore the Shaolin Virtue of Perseverance. What is Perseverance? The standard dictionary for... Read More »

Open House & Free Classes on January 8th, Sunday!

Start your New Year’s resolution for a healthy lifestyle with us! We are once again opening our school up to the public for a free day of classes for adults and children. You’ll be able to partake and experience... Read More »
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The Shaolin Virtue of Focus

Ancient Shaolin wisdom teaches us to follow 6 key virtues in our lives as a means to achieve peace in our hearts.  In this article we explore the Shaolin Virtue of Focus. What is focus? If we look up... Read More »

The Six Shaolin Virtues

The Shaolin Virtues is an easy to use and understand framework of philosophy that can help one to make better decisions in life. They can be applied universally, whether at home, work, or school. These six Shaolin Virtues are... Read More »
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