STQI Downtown Toronto School


T&T Waterfront Nightmarket 2015 Shaolin Dao

Abbott Shi Yong Xin Demo

STQI with Abbott Shi Yong Xin and Master Shi Guo Song at the Shaolin Temple

Dao Competing at the 10th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival

Students Showcasing Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple Training Hall

Students Performing Shaolin Martial Arts Kung Fu at T&T Waterfront Nightmarket Summer 2014 in Toronto

Shi Chang Dao Performing at Toronto China Town Festival Summer 2014

Shi Chang Dao’s Flying Kick

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“Hi! My name is Shi Chang Dao and I am the Chief Instructor of the downtown Toronto school. I opened the school in the fall of 2011 under the guidance of my Shi Fu, Master Shi Guo Song. He is an authentic Shaolin monk that still practices traditional Shaolin kung fu martial arts, qi gong, and ch’an. “

“Our North American culture is very good at creating a structured lifestyle yet it does not teach us how to be strong physically or mentally from within as we experience life. I am very grateful to be able to pass on his teachings to help others through martial arts kung fu, qi gong, meditation, and philosophy. “

“My school aspires to help people of any age, any ethnicity, and any religious background. By joining my school you are making the effort to dedicate time and resources for improving yourself.”

– Shi Chang Dao, 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple


Amely Zhou’s Inaugural Erhu Concert | October 5th, 2014

A Journey into the Love of Erhu 胡情之旅 Amely Zhou’s Inaugural Erhu Concert – October 5th, 2014 Amely Zhou, a young and emerging Toronto musician, is launching her music career with a solo erhu concert at York University on... Read More »
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How Shaolin Kung Fu and Martial Arts Can Help Children Classified as ADHD

Article Written By: Phil CharbonneauSTQI Toronto StudentADHD As an adult with ADHD, I know first hand that growing up with ADHD can be incredibly challenging. It can be incredibly difficult to contain the pent up energy that one has... Read More »
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5th Shaolin Mid-Autumn Festival Party

Downtown Toronto students gathered at the Shaolin Mid-Autumn Festival in Markham to celebrate one of the most important Chinese events of the year. The event started with a speech by Master Shi Guo Song, the leader and man behind... Read More »

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Kids Performing at Mel Lastman Square Video and Photo Blog

The kids of STQI Markham dazzled thousands of people with their incredible kung fu martial arts at Mel Lastman Square to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival! The event was titled the “Chinese Canadian Grand Mid-Autumn Festival Outdoor Celebration Gala 2014” and... Read More »
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We’ve Raised Over $1,000 and Still Going!

Thank you for everyone’s support in helping us to achieve the $1,000 fundraising milestone. We still have a long way to go in support of Shaolin Luohan Temple and the Canadian Shaolin Team of children and adults going to... Read More »
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Waterfront Nightmarket Performance Summary Video

Enjoy this short 2 minute summary of our performance and experience at the T&T Waterfront Nightmarket on July 26th! Read More »
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Wing Chun Introductory Workshop at STQI Toronto

Read More »
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Waterfront Nightmarket Taming Anger Shaolin Martial Arts Performance Photo Blog!

The T&T Waterfront Nightmarket was incredibly busy as crowds of people came to enjoy the festivities, shows, and of course the food! Thank you to On Truong, Julie, Jeff, and the rest of his crew for having our downtown... Read More »
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Atado School of Defensive Arts Visit to STQI Toronto

Yesterday we had the pleasure of the Atado School of Defensive Arts of Kitchener visit our downtown Toronto school. It was their annual field trip to Toronto organized by their Master Wu Shifu. The students experienced our traditional form... Read More »
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STQI to Perform ‘Taming Anger’ at the Waterfront Nightmarket

STQI Toronto Downtown school will be performing ‘Taming Anger’, a 15 minute short production on the main stage at the T&T Waterfront Nightmarket this Saturday, July 26th at 5:30pm. Featuring traditional Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts performed by Shi... Read More »
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