STQI Toronto Headquarters

STQI Toronto Wish List

We’re always improving the school and without your continued support it would be impossible. Here is our top wish list at the school and if you have the means please contribute and help us out by contacting our school or by sending money via PayPal to

Herbal Bio Wall $500

We’re going to make use of the great sunlight at the entrance to build a bio wall that will grow herbs. We’ll need to build small platforms and install a water pump to feed the plants.

Cool Temperature & Humidity Control $3000

Industrial heating temperature control is already installed so we’ll be warm in the winter. We don’t have air conditioning although we’re still able to stay relatively cool in the summers since we are a sub-basement unit. However it sure gets humid! With cool temperature and humidity control we’d be able to provide a more comfortable and cleaner environment for practice.

Unbreakable Mirrors $2000

Although not cheap, having large unbreakable mirrors would be a great enhancement as students will also be able to see themselves practice in a mirror. We’re planning to also install them at the very end of the school so that the place will look much more open.

Fund the Shaolin Canada Team! $50K

We’re going to China to compete in an international Shaolin Wushu competition and we will be representing Canada in the traditional forms competitions. Students are training and paying their own expenses. With additional support we’ll also be able to invest in more training equipment and build a bigger team for the next tournament in 2016.

Meditation Retreat Centre $100K

We are currently developing plans to build a meditation retreat centre with its own solar and wind power along with a comfort station for hot showers and washrooms. Here we’ll be able to host future Shaolin Retreats. Students and the public will also be able to stay there for the weekend or a whole week to spend time to cultivate peace within themselves. We have many ideas and the first funds will be used for permits, land, and architectural drawings.

Build the Shaolin Luohan Temple in Canada! $5MIL

Helping to build a Shaolin Temple in Canada is one of our primary mandates and will become the future headquarters of traditional Shaolin in Canada. It will be modelled after the original Shaolin Temple in Deng Feng, Zhengzhou, China. We’re still collecting funds via the STQI Annual Membership fees and additional funds will certainly help! 100% of all donations will go to Shaolin Luohan Temple, a registered Canadian charitable organization and charity tax receipts will be provided for amounts over $20.


Successfully Funded Wish List Items!

Thank you to the generosity of students and the public for supporting our school!

School Gong

SUCCESS! Thanks to the generosity of several students (Rose, Mandeep, and Vikram) and funds from the meditation workshop, we now have a gong at the school. This is no ordinary gong as it is officially certified in China as a musical instrument. Rose has been an avid supporter of the Gong Fund and through her perseverance earned the honour to name the gong “Surya”. This fine addition to the school will be used especially for our meditation workshops and street kung fu martial arts performances.

Furniture Upgrade

SUCCESS! Thank you to several students for donating their time and money in upgrading the furniture at the school. We got new desks, table, shelves, and baskets, further enhancing the ambience of the place.

Entrance Door Logo

SUCCESS! Thank you to Gary for offering to create and install the yellow door logo. It sure helped to decorate the entrance and make the school look more professional.

Shaolin Temple Canvas Art

SUCCESS! This art piece took several months to paint. It was made possible by the lead artist and student Rose along with several other volunteer helpers. In April 2013, Shi Fu Guo Song finished the painting with the last stroke during the Spring Term Party. The art piece now adorns the entrance of the school.

Hardwood Floors

SUCCESS! Several students specializing in hardwood flooring helped to install beautiful bamboo floors at the entrance area of the school. We did this during the break in between terms and it was quite an accomplishment. We would like to especially thank Nancy and Dionne for leading this effort.