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STQI Toronto Testimonials

Away from the city and daily concerns, Shaolin retreat was the only place where I was able to completely relax and evaluate my life while spending hours practicing meditation and Qi Gong with instructor Shi Chang Dao. My first retreat was a life changing experience and I don’t ever want to miss this opportunity again. There is no better chance to take a deep look within yourself and learn basics of Chan philosophy, Shaolin meditation, QiGong and even Kung Fu. I know now that I’ll be going to this retreat camping every year!

Alex M.

My experience at the shaolin meditation retreat was fantastic. It was a great way to deepen and learn meditation in a way I had never been shown before. I left feeling empowered and my meditation practice has deepened significantly since my return. I look forward to returning next year!

Genevieve B

I’ve been training Kung Fu here for over six months. It’s really a life changing experience. The instructor is very knowledgeable and friendly. They teach you how to punch with the force of entire body, and there is a lot of stuff behind every single movement, like speed, power, timing, balance, force and weight transition… The training only gets as hard as you want, but the instructor is happy to push you a little more if you ask. Definitely try this place if you are interested in Kung Fu, you will love it!


Testimonial from the last session as we dived into perceptions:

It was very peaceful… A good disconnect from all of our daily distractions. The discussions are just enough to provoke the mind and reflect.

Is it possible to have workshops more often? November seems far away…

Anthony- STQI Student


I have had some sporadic experiences with meditation over many years, but a 3 hours sitting meditation was a new experience for me. Dao did a great job in grounding the group and giving some information on benefits of meditation during the session. I was able to feel relaxed throughout the experience and to be in a meditative state of mind for about 1 hour. On my way home and in the following few days I felt benefits of the session. The experience of the time passing was slower. I was more present in the moment and observant.

I find the 3 hours session much more beneficial than shorter sessions I have experienced earlier. I look forward to the next one in November. Thank you Dao for the experience.

Sincerely, Jasmina


Dear Dao Shi:
Thank you so much for your outstanding teaching of advanced Shaolin Qi Gong at Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute in Toronto.

As an instructor of adults for many years, I recommend you highly as a knowledgeable, aware, generous, articulate, and disciplined teacher, whose depth and breadth of Shaolin Qi Gong is exemplary.

Not only did you teach me true authentic Shaolin Qi Gong, but you showed me how to successfully remove my allergy to polyester using energy flow!! I thank you for a lifetime of health, mental, and spiritual fitness through daily practice.

Campbell Foster
Toronto ON, Canada

Campbell Foster

For the past 6 months I have been a Shaolin Kung Fu student receiving training under the guidance of Shi Chang Dao. My reason for joining was to learn an ancient martial art form, something which as a child I have always wanted to do. It wasn’t until my late thirties that I finally took the step to sign up for Shaolin Kung Fu classes. Shi Chang Dao is an amazing and fantastic teacher; he is well disciplined in Shaolin and also fun to work with. At the school / temple children and adults learn about the great journey of the true Shaolin Kung Fu martial art form. Students also have the opportunity to engage themselves in Qi Gong and Meditation. The community of the Shaolin Kung Fu school is vibrant and surrounded with positive energy. There are many activities going on throughout the year for students to socialize in and make new friends. All the events are popular with students, and their families. Try a Shaolin Kung Fu class because you will enjoy it, you will get fit and you will make new friends.


My experience at the Warsaw Caves Meditation Retreat embodied my body , mind , spirit and emotion . A safe beautiful environment to nurture myself . Dao’s guidance and leadership during the meditation, Qi gong . and Kung Fu sessions have made a lasting impact on me. I am grateful . Looking forward to learning more about the Shaolin philosophy at the next retreat.

C Boyce