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Toronto Team

Instructor Team

Our current instructor roster including assistants to senior instructors across all our Shaolin programs. Our school is substantially greater with their dedication and compassion for teaching and positively influencing the lives of many.


Shi Chang Dao

Chief Instructor

Shi Chang Dao (or Dao Shi) is a 35th generation traditional Shaolin disciple. For many years he has trained under the careful guidance of Master Shi Guo Song, a famous Shaolin Monk from China. Since 2011 Dao has opened a school in the downtown Toronto area and has had the priviledge to teach Shaolin philosophy and martial arts to thousands of people across various disciplines including Sitting Meditation, Ch’an Philosophy, Shaolin qi gong, Shaolin kung fu, Shaolin style sanda /Chinese boxing, and self-defense. He has made several television guest appearances, most notably on CBC’s feature called Masters of the City, Keepers of an Ancient Culture. He continues to receive regular martial arts kung fu training from his Master today and is adept in various traditional hand forms including Tong Bi Quan, Xiao Hong Quan, Da Hong Quan, Qi Xing Quan, and Rou Quan. His favourite weapon is the Shaolin Cudgel (staff).

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Rosemary “Ro” Stehlik

Womens Self-Defence Intermediate Instructor
Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1 Intermediate Instructor
Shaolin Qi Gong Level 1 Intermediate Instructor

Rose is a lead instructor of Shaolin martial arts kung fu and Women’s Self Defence at STQI Toronto. Her journey into the Shaolin arts began when she attended the Shaolin Warriors performance at the Sony Centre in 2012 where she met Dao Shi and subsequently joined his school. Since then she has been intensely training in Shaolin kung fu, gentle kung fu, and qi gong. She has performed regularly at various events around Toronto including Chinatown Festival and T&T Waterfront Nightmarket. In 2014 she joined the Shaolin Canada team and competed in the 10th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival in China and was chosen among 2000 athletes to initiate the games in the opening ceremony.


Shaolin Kids Kung Fu Intermediate Instructor
Shaolin Kung Fu Level 2 Assistant

Luka has been with STQI Toronto for over 4 years and has trained under the mentorship of Dao Shi to become our most experienced children kung fu teachers. He has performed and competed in various events around the Toronto GTA including the Canadian National Traditional Kung Fu Championships, Chinatown Festival, and Chinese New Year BIA. He is a valuable member of our instructor team.

Izab Riding

Shaolin Kids Kung Fu Intermediate Instructor
Shaolin Kung Fu Level 2 Assistant

Izab began her Shaolin kung fu training at STQI Toronto in early 2014. She is one of our most experienced children kung fu teachers and performs regularly with the team around Toronto including Chinatown Festival and OCTCM.

Daniel Theriault

Shaolin Qi Gong Intermediate Instructor

Daniel has been practicing qi gong at STQI Toronto under the mentorship of Dao Shi since early 2012. As one of the most senior and advanced qi gong students, he brings great ability, enthusiasm, and experience to our instructor team. He leads and intructs all the sunrise qigong classes on weekday mornings.

Steven Shapiro

Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu Intermediate Instructor

Steven has been practicing Gentle Kung Fu and Shaolin Qi Gong at STQI Toronto under the mentorship of Dao Shi for over 4 years. He is also a practitioner and study of advanced Shaolin Qi Gong and Gentle Kung Fu techniques. He clearly demonstrates smoothness and qi gong application in Gentle Kung Fu. He has performed in numerous public events around Toronto including the Chinatown Festival, Chinese New Year BIA, and T&T Waterfront Nightmarket.

Andrew Cheng

Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1 Intermediate Instructor
Shaolin Kung Fu Level 2 Assistant

Andrew has been with STQI since early 2015 and has is one of our greatest examples of strive and perseverance. In just a year he developed the skills to perform regularly with the STQI Toronto team and also qualified for the instructor program. His demonstrates great passion in passing on his teachings.

Sophie Mead

Preschool Kung Fu Intermediate Instructor
Shaolin Kids Kung Fu Assistant

Sophie has been training with great strive since 2015 and helped to develop the preschool kids program. In just half a year she was able to competently enter in the Canadian National Traditional Kung Fu Championships where she placed 4th. She demonstrates great passion and fun in teaching the little ones.

Paul MacLean

Shaolin Kung Fu Junior Instructor
Shaolin Kids Kung Fu Intermediate Instructor

Paul has been practicing under the mentorship of Dao Shi since early 2013. He brings great positivity and enthusiasm for teaching and is a great addition to our instructor team.

Ciela Kauffman

Preschool Kids Kung Fu Instructor

Ciela joined STQI Toronto in 2015 and under the mentorship of Dao Shi for over 3 years. She is very dedicated to her practice of kung fu and often performs with the performance team such as University Settlement and Chinatown Festival.


Er Hu Director and Teacher

Amely Zhou is a young Canadian musician trained in both Eastern and Western traditions. She began her music studies at an early age at the Shenzhen Arts School. In 2005, she was recognized as one of the school’s most outstanding music students. In 2007, after her immigration to Canada, she joined the Toronto Chinese Orchestra, where she is currently the orchestra’s bow-string section assistant principal. She regularly performs with the orchestra, helping to promote Chinese orchestral music in Canada. In 2010, she co-founded the Chinese-Western fusion instrumental band “Spire.” Utilizing both Eastern and Western musical elements, she arranges music for the band and performs with the band on a regular basis. In 2010, Amely achieved a First Award at the Kiwanis Music Festival for her erhu solo performance. Amely also won the 2013 York University Concerto Competition, and performed with the York University Symphony Orchestra as an erhu soloist.


OCTCM – Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Qi Gong Practical Course Instruction

Visit OCTCM’s Toronto Campus website here


The Orchard Montessori School

Our Lower and Upper Elementary program thrives on Montessori’s theories of a cosmic education with a strong focus on the natural sciences.

We also offer an after school program to our students and those from local public schools in art, kung fu, science, Orff, French, yoga, tennis, and multisport.

Visit the Orchard Montessori School website here