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STQI Toronto Students Win in Traditional Martial Arts at the 25th Annual Canadian Kung Fu Championships!

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25th-Annual-Canadian-Kung Fu-Championships-3

Above: Omar, Chantel, and Kevin in the crowd of competitors at the starting ceremony of the 25th Annual Canadian Kung Fu Championships.

This year Instructor Dao sent three students to the 25th Annual Canadian Kung Fu Championships for traditional martial arts Shaolin taolu forms: Chantel, Omar, and Kevin. We are very pleased to announce that all three have won medals in this national tournament! Shi Chang Dao is very proud of his relatively young students who have been diligently training in the month prior. The medal doesn’t matter as much to Dao – more importantly is their effort, focus, and dedication to perform their best at the tournament. Well done and keep up the training!

25th-Annual-Canadian-Kung Fu-Championships-2

Above: Chantel on left and Omar on the right both holding bronze medals. In the middle is a tournament organizer giving them the thumbs up!

Kevin-Zheng-Gold-Medal-25th-Annual-Canadian-Kung Fu-Championships-3

Above: Kevin proudly showing his well earned gold medal!