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STQI Toronto at the Canadian National Kung Fu Championships 2016 October 22nd

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The 27th Annual Canadian National Kung Fu Championships was held in Markham today, drawing traditional kung fu competitors from various schools including our downtown Toronto STQI school.


We had the pleasure to join up with the STQI Laurentides school as well as the STQI Markham school. In total we had by far the largest showing of competitors.


The tournament was quite organized and started the festivities began quickly with the opening ceremonies which included a special and energetic Lion Dance performance.


Quickly the competition began and our Sophie performed Tong Bi Quan admirably, with confidence, and with power. At only 6 months of practice she managed to place 4th. Well done!


In a tough group of teens, Luka also performed greatly and placed a 4th, just edged out by a fellow competitor for 3rd place. This was Luka’s first performance and he showed great power in his punches and form with Tong Bi Quan. Also well done!


Our final competitor was Alexander who shone with perhaps his greatest performance of Xiao Hong Quan. Clarity of form with confidence in an advanced form won him the competition. Congratulations to all three for attending this tournament and representing our school. Congratulations as well to the Markham and Laurentides school who also took home many medals today. We are proud!