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STQI Sanda Fight Night (SFN) Results – CannibalJ vs Tweeforce

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** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | December 2nd, 2013 **

Play By Play Reporter: Sham


The first sanctioned Sanda match happened last Friday at STQI featured two long time Sanda class rivals Tweeforce and CannibalJ. CannibalJ gained huge fan support in her interview on the SFN radio show the night before while Tweeforce has remained focused and rebounded with “Let’s stop the talking and just fight”.

CannibalJ’s coach, Omar, said she is ready to go. She’s been ready to go since day one and she’s been studying Tweeforce’s previous matches. Meanwhile Tweeforce remains confident. Her coach Aaryn says “Tweeforce is a powerhouse and she’ll be exploiting CannibalJ’s weakness tonight.”

After weeks of preparation the two fighters completed their final stretches and took to their respected corners.


In the back corner in blue, CannibalJ and in the washroom corner in red Tweeforce. The match officiated by Instructor Dao and scored by side officials Sham and Rowena (visiting point counter).

Prefight – 9:00
The two fighters take to center and rules are recited by the official. They are given 1 more minute for final strategy within their respective coaches. Time’s up, they salute each other and their coaches and take the center stage.

Round 1 – 9:10
The fight begins with a fury of kicks and then followed by a vicious exchange of punches but the blocks are strong. A wild punch from Tweeforce misses and the first point scored from Blue. The jabs and punches are flying fast a point for Tweeforce then a point for CannibalJ. The points are coming as they are really going at it! Oh and CannibalJ falls, Tweeforce is awarded 2 points. The first throw comes from CannibalJ and then followed by Tweeforce going out. Oh a miss step as CannibalJ gets a point but accidentally steps out.


Time! The fighters return to their` corners exhausted.

Round 2 -9:22

The fighters bow and ‘kaishi’ is called. Immediately CannibalJ throws a quick tan tui and down goes Tweeforce. Points are flying up fast for CannibalJ. A break in the fight and some wise words from respective coaches. It looks like Tweeforce’s head is back in the fight as she makes a strong point pushing CannibalJ out of the ring. The kicks are strong and points slowly going more towards Tweeforce. A strong point from CannibalJ brings a break into the fight and might have taken Tweeforce out as she pulled her ankle in the exchange.

Time! The fighters take to the corners.

Final Decision – 9:30


Winner? It was a close fight and too close to call. Besides, it was a friendly match! Both fighters gained valuable knowledge and experience, and a greatly friendly exchange of respect. Well done CannibalJ and Tweeforce!