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STQI Preshow Workshop for the Shaolin Warriors at Sony Centre

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April 8, 2018

The preshow of the preshow workshop featured performances from our downtown Toronto school, showcasing traditional Shaolin kung fu forms including wu bu quan, xiao lian huan, rou quan, and a few of our class drills.

There were several hundred people attending the workshop just before the Shaolin Warriors show.

The workshop helped the audience better appreciate what Shaolin is and how it relates to the Shaolin Warriors show later that evening.

The workshop portion featured a meditation session guided by Dao Shi.

The audience then experienced a qi gong workshop where they learned the basic principles of Shaolin qi gong and how to take in more energy through breath control.

The participants also learned a few movements from the traditional Shaolin qi gong Ba Duan Jin set.

Next the audience tried their hand at traditional Shaolin kung fu and learned the various key stances and movements from our foundation taolu form called Wu Bu Quan.

Kids were also called up to the front to participate with our students!

The workshop concluded with a short philosophy lecture on the importance of meditation in our busy society in our need to make it a priority throughout our lives. It is a necessary skill to keep our minds strong and our hearts at peace.