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Group Picture with Shi Yong Xin

Abbott Shi Yong Xin Demo

Shaolin Temple Hall Demonstration

Shaolin Luohan Garden Monkey Training

Shaolin Luohan Garden Training Group Pic

Charity Banquet Performance

Shaolin Kids Meditation

Chinese Canadian Mid-Autumn Festival

Fun Fest Performance

Master Shi Guo Song 34th Generation Shaolin

Master Shi Guo Song demonstrates a pose from the Mantis style

Learn Authentic Shaolin Qi Gong in Markham, Toronto

Would you like to learn traditional Shaolin kung fu? Our classes are structured to teach people of all levels and all ages. No experience is necessary! You’ll become more fit, more flexible, stronger, more coordinated, and faster!

Kung Fu Class Highlights

Sep 7, 2014 Sun 11am Laurentides group and Markham group  (58)

  • Learn real kung fu for self defence and combat
  • All ages and beginners welcome
  • Special program for kids
  • Learn and practice for flexibility and conditioning
  • First time students will receive a school t-shirt
  • Fully qualified Chinese and English speaking instructors and coaches

The Consulate General of PRC New Year Show

Date : Jan 11, 2015 Place : Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (P. C. Ho Theater) Read More »
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10th ZhengZhou Shaolin Wushu Festival

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STQI Markham supports Jack Heath

Events : Jack Heath’s fundraiser (Chinese banquet) Date : October 02, 2014 Place : Century Palace Resturant **** Go Jack Go **** Go Jack Go **** Go Jack Go **** Go Jack Go ***** Video clip from Sheng Lin Read More »
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STQI Markham @ Splendid China Mall

Date : September 13, 2014 Place : Splendid China Mall Title : 吳啓華簽名會 Kung Fu performance ” The best Twelve ” Leo Cao Andy Feng Jacob Chun Kant Feng Gavin Xue Conan Tse Jewel Elias Nahvin Thanabalasingam Ethan Zhou... Read More »
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5th Shaolin Mid-Autumn Festival Party

Downtown Toronto students gathered at the Shaolin Mid-Autumn Festival in Markham to celebrate one of the most important Chinese events of the year. The event started with a speech by Master Shi Guo Song, the leader and man behind... Read More »

T&T FunFest 2014

Video clip from Sheng Lin Shifu with M.C. ( D.J – Beckham & Ward 3 Councillor – Castro Liu ) & Event Mgr. Samuel Carr Wilson Wong get ready for the performance Opening of 2014 T&T FunFest Shaolin Kung... Read More »
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International Buddhist Parade

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CTV Interview

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Shaolin Kids at Filipino Fiesta (Brampton)

Place : Rose Theatre Brampton Date : June 22, 2014 Ortho View   Front View Read More »
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Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign – Great Prizes for Just $1 Support!

Thank you everyone for your support in 2014 where we raised over $1200 for our trip to the 10th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival! The above summary video shows our great accomplishment competing in an international competition with 2,000... Read More »
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