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STQI Celebrates OCTCM’s Grand Opening of Downtown School

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It was with great pleasure that the downtown Toronto school celebrated with OCTCM (Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine) at the grand opening of their downtown Toronto school.  We ask Dylan Kirk (on right below), the owner, to give us some more insights about his school and when classes will be offered:

Dylan Kirk:  “Greetings to the readers of STQI Toronto!  I am honoured to give you a little bit of insight into traditional Chinese medicine and the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My own story with TCM and acupuncture began with my love for martial arts and the Chinese culture. Along this path, I discovered the thriving discipline of TCM and acupuncture – I was fascinated by the relationship between this more traditional and holistic-based healing method, and modern medical science. I wondered how these two healing methods could complement, and ultimately work together to better heal others. To sate my curiosity, I enrolled at OCTCM, where I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Professor Ben Wu, Professor Yancy Chow, Master Zhang Jin, and many others, who I can credit for providing me with such extensive guidance. The inspired mentorship that I had received from OCTCM had truly galvanized my life’s work, and opened the door to pursue the discipline in China. There, I was able to learn, experience, and do more through hospital internships and advanced studies. Today, I am a successful practitioner of acupuncture and TCM, who is still enthralled by the discipline’s growth and metamorphosis. I have always wanted to invest my life in helping others, while doing something that I am passionate about, and I sincerely believe that I have found this in practicing TCM.”

“Even to this day, TCM is seeing significant growth. Although it has a long history in Asia, it has also become widely recognized as an important health care option in North America. In fact, the World Health Organization has attested to the success of acupuncture in the treatment of a multitude of diseases and conditions, including depression, hypertension, and rheumatoid arthritis. The WHO also recommends TCM and acupuncture integration into public healthcare systems. It is clear that TCM is an effective option, and that the public is heartily embracing the practice. In response to this growing prevalence of TCM in healthcare and wellness, the province of Ontario has taken action: TCM has recently become a regulated profession, assuring patients that their practitioners have met high standards of practice like other regulated professions. Now, new candidates for TCM must register with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO), and upon successful registration, can work alongside other healthcare providers in integrative settings, or go into private practice.”

“If you would also like to pursue a profession in which you can help others, while being constantly stimulated by an ever-growing and dynamic field in healthcare, I would like to personally welcome you to OCTCM Toronto. This branch is the sister of my own alma mater, and of which I am the proud Director. We are located in the heart of Chinatown, and currently accepting students for our January 2017 term. For all new, full-time students, we are currently awarding $4,000 bursaries. We strive to make this a convenient transition for our students by designing our programs to fit their needs. For that reason, we have full- and part-time programs available, with classes taking place in the evening and/or the weekends. Here at OCTCM, we want everyone to succeed, and we make it our priority to accommodate your needs so that you can realize your potential and purpose in TCM and in life.”

“I am confident that the college can offer you the expertise and resources necessary to guide you into the certified practice of such a rewarding, exciting, and flourishing field in healthcare. May you find your vocation in TCM and make a difference in the TCM world.”

For more information and to enroll, please visit their website here:

STQI Performance at OCTCM’s Grand Opening

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